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11/7/2005 4:30 am

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Just me

100 things i’ll bet Yyou didn’t know about me

1- my first car was a tractor and i learned to drive when i was 7

2- my favourite dog is the basset hound

3- i love the smell of white-out

4- i have tried and failed at piddling my name in the snow

5- i drive with both feet

6- i love animal prints

7- my fingernails and toes are painted orange right now

8- i bite my lip when i’m nervous

9- my favourite animals are manatees and turtles

10- i am afraid of kangaroos (its the big feet)

11- i despise peas and green beans

12- i snore (though i prefer to call it noisy breathing)

13- i love being a girl

14- my home is decorated with deep purple and sage green on a taupe base

15- i’m a wiggly person

16- i have a crush on Jeff Corwin

17- i love the smell of apple candles

18- i am terribly allergic to apples and bees

19- i thing camels are cute

20- losing my cell phone is a weekly activity for me

21- my r/t nick name is puppy

22- 2 of my 3 cats don’t like fish

23- i love horror movies

24- i love roller coasters

25- i am a big chicken

26- i have a heart shaped birth mark on my knee

27- i sleep with a watch on because it drives me nuts not knowing what time it is

28- i take my own sheets when i sleep in a hotel because it helps me sleep better

29- Eeyore is my favourite Winnie the Pooh character

30- i am left handed

31- i fall asleep in the shower on a regular basis

32- i love the taste of Pepto Bismol

33- i have an African grey parrot whose name is Tabitha

34- if i could be any animal i would be a penguin because i love the way they waddle, i hate to fly and love to swim

35- i have never won a game of tic tac toe

36- i can tie a cherry stem with my tongue

37- i’ve been bitten by a snake twice

38- i could spend all day at Target

39- i want to learn how to play the tambourine

40- my favourite word is duodenojejeunostomy

41- if i could live at Sea World i would

42- if i could only wear one thing for the rest of my life it would be toe socks

43- i can hold my breath for 4 minutes

44- i love brownies but don’t like chocolate

45- when i “became a woman” for the first time i thought i was bleeding to death and cried for a week

46- when i’m really really mad i go to the dollar store and buy glass plates and go out on my back porch and throw them because the breaking noises make me feel better

47- i love the smell of petrol

48- until i was 7 i thought black cows yielded chocolate milk, and applied the same logic to women of colour

49- sometimes i prepare cookies just to eat the dough and never actually bake them

50- i despise body hair

51- i want to learn how to drive a hot air balloon

52- i’ve always wanted to learn how to drive a tank

53- i think hummers are stupid

54- i love troll dolls

55- i don’t like it when my food touches each other

56- i wanted to be a cheerleader in HS but i have no rhythm

57- i think a critter in a run about ball is just about the cutest thing ever

58- when i’ve nothing to do i will make a mess on purpose just to clean it up

59- i have a real pair of moccasins and a “Pocahontas dress” made by a Pima friend of mine

60- one of my favourite movies is Grease

61- when on long road trips i love to listen to “Disney’s Greatest Hits” music

62- i am an organization freak

63- i lose my sunglasses all the time and most times i have lost them to the top of my head…..lol

64- i love when the weather is cool and i can sleep out by the pool or on my back porch

65- i’m afraid of the dark

66- i cannot walk and chew gum

67- i love doing jigsaw puzzles

68- my brother taught me about the birds and the bees

69- i don’t like loud noises

70- i talk in my sleep

71- i love having my hair brushed

72- i love having my hair braided in a million tiny braids

73- i am an avid runner and have one pair of running shoes for each day of the week

74- i have written over 2000 poems

75- i am writing a book

76- i love to write erotic stories but am too much of a weenie to verbalize it

77- i used to be a gymnast

78- my favourite board game is hungry hippos

79- i love left over cold spaghetti

80- when i go out to eat i always order dessert first because when dinner is done i’m always too full for it

81- i played the French horn in HS

82- i have over 100 pair of novelty socks

83- i put ketchup on everything

84- i love to colour

85- i despise cottage cheese

86- i speak French (terribly, but i can do it)

87- i am a list maker but often lose the lists that i’ve made

88- one of my cats lives under the bed and only comes out to feed and go potty

89- i not only talk to myself but answer too

90- i want to be a boy for a day to know what its like to get a winkle

91- i make my bed every morning

92- i’m a really good kick boxer for a small person

93- i have Flintstone feet

94- i’ve always wanted an elephant as a pet

95- i can fit in a small rolley suitcase

96- i want to take a cruise around the world

97- i just learned a little over a month ago what the mile high club was

98- i will never become a member of that club because i refuse to fly

99- i fell asleep while writing this list

100- i have realized in re-reading this just how weird i really am

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