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11/8/2005 5:11 pm

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Soft and pure
Surrounded by
Lust and want
she's innocent...


Dark wide eyes darting
In fear.
She feels His presence
Tantalizingly near
she's innocent...


her pulse races
her senses alive
He reaches for her
Knowing only a powerful drive
she's innocent...


she becomes enfolded
In His strong arms
Her body being molded
To His
she's innocent...


To his touch
Aching with a blush
not understanding
But needing so much
she's innocent...


Burning hotly
The Fire's flames
Fanning brightly
Whimpers sighing lightly
she's innocent...


As he strokes her
skin like satin
Knowing would only
take that to Let Him in
she's innocent...


Wanting only to know
Wanting only to understand
This burning ache that lies
The need ..the dark desire
That grows as the flames of
her inner fire
she's innocent...


Tumbling to her knees
Willing to do whatever pleased
To assuage these aching needs
she's innocent...


Down at that which lay
Prostate and writhing
her soul In sway
He reaches out to gently
Cup her sweet face
Wanting to know..
Wanting to taste..
All of her humble grace
she's innocent...


His strong fingers in her long tresses..
pulling slightly
Yet she never objects to this
He knows deep down ..
Needs and desires
Knowing the secret cravings
And her fire
she's innocent....


He takes within
His hands..
as he rises
Over her to stand..
She startles as she
Sees Him move...
Knowing what he shall do
she's innocent...


Softly He looks at her...
Motioning her up
Off the floor
He quietly points to the
Silken cord....
Knowing that for
Not much longer more
she's innocent...


Herself to Him..
Knowing that anything this
Strong cannot be sin..
She turns as bid ..
her back To Him...
her small hands clasped
In the gentle bend ...
she's innocent....


Her wrists together..
in the silken cords tight tether
A moan escapes as light as
A feather....
Her trembling limbs shaking
Showing Him that...
she's innocent...


He turns her around..
Wanting to show her some of
What he has found
In the realm of sweet pleasure..
The joys of bringing someone
To the realizations of who and what
They are.....
she's innocent...


Up her eyes so bright yet leery
she wonders what awaits her
As He caresses her so tenderly
A fingertip sliding over one hardened nipple
she gasps as He squeezes upon it
her deepest muscles beginning to ripple...
she's innocent.....


Out as the fingertips
she feels the pain as it changes
To a pleasure quite heightened
The heat of a moisture trickling
Down supple thighs...
as from her lipsshe utters small sighs..
she's innocent....


Upon her body so deliciously
His hands cannot help but gently caress....
her flesh so tender so soft
so unknowing...
the touch of cruelty
From a Man who enjoys showing....
The Joy...
the triumph..
the total knowledge
Of bringing one to the brink of true
Decadent carnage...
she's innocent....


His head...
his teeth flashing
A moments hot white pain and
she is surmising...
it’s His teeth that
Are rending her delicate flesh...
Looking down though she sees
A glimmer of gold and His fingers
tightening a lever...
the cold metal into her breast
As it bites...
and though the pain is intense once more
She tries to be compliant and does not fight
she's innocent....


she moans as the fire begins to
Over take her....
He thrusts a finger between her
Trembling thighs..
Turning a deaf ear to her soft cries
Of pain and of pleasure..
though her
Song He cannot completely ignore
He remains in control
she's innocent....


Her hips ...
trying to quell the wave
From which there is no way to be saved
He locks her tight between His thighs...
Not letting her continue to writhe
For in this He is iron and steel
And will not let her control the reel
she is innocent...


her over to the large bed
He lays her down her thighs far spread...
Her trembling and quaking causing an
Evil dark smile...
as His shadowed side
Begins to rise..
she's innocent....


Leather restraints on her ankles
Keeping her smooth legs from
Violently shaking...
He kneels between them as she continues to sigh..
Not understanding..
wanting to fly
she's innocent....


His breath hot and strangely
against her heat
He reaches out with his warm wet tongue
Wanting to taste that which from
The sweet juices come..
He growls low as the moisture
He gathers
Into His mouth knowing it is so because
she's innocent....


her over ..
her naked bottom upraised
He traces the pale globes with an
Ardent gaze...
Reaching down low he grasps a smooth
lifting it up He feels a
she's innocent....


His arm....
He brings it down Strong
Like a phallus
Over and Over
with no hint of Malice....
Hearing her cries ..
her sobs so Real...
He stops for a moment..
Seeing her flesh raise with welts..
she's innocent...


Between her thighs far spread
she begins to worry with dread
As His hardness begins to stroke
Up and Down the unopened passage
"relax ..relax..."
He whispers by her head
Moving as to gently massage....
she's innocent...


Around between her milky thighs
He caresses the small pearl
That within her folds lies
Hearing her moans and breathing
grow rapid
He decides
soon ..soon..
she will be His to bid
she's innocent.....


her deeply with skilled fingers
He reaches for her nipples imprisoned
By the golden clips and lets them linger
her cries sounding out neatly
A mixture of longing and pain raging
oh so sweetly
Causing her to open the path to her core
Oh what a delicate chore
she's innocent...


a moan so low
He places His manhood's pulsing tip
Against her sweet nectar dripping lips..
Pressing so slowly so as not to frighten
Yet knowing that to gain entrance he must
Not shy from the piercing of this one...
Rose still intact...
but not for long
she's innocent.....


Back towards
His gentle thrust without a hint of fright
she tries to guide Him ..
only her Instinct allowing her this insight
Leaning forward
He bends His head to bite
Leaving His mark upon her this way as
Suddenly He pushes in deeply...
Unable to resist this subtle dance
she's innocent....


Out in a soundless haze..
she looks out of a sightless gaze
Senses swimming as they are overwhelmed
Nothing ..
oh nothing but the tempestuous
Sensations as thru the whirling eddy's they Flow.....

Rising and falling thru their combined
He pounds deeply into her each
she's innocent....


Now clear...
the inevitable
Oh so near....
she matches the rhythm He has set here
Bodies rocking ..
slapping of flesh....
So incredibly close..
that they mesh
Together they strive for the perfect union
Unable to stop this total cataclysmic distortion
Higher and Higher Tthey fly...
soaring as though flying
Thru the sky....
Wave after wave...
crashing throughout...
a constant
Orgasmic shout....
she's innocent....


Hard as they near the end...
Wanting only to be together again..
And again....
Shuddering as He drives ever deeper...
He cries out as He awakens the sleeper...
With a tremendous force
He showers her inner heat....
Shouting as He grinds so deep...
filling her depths with His shafts full content....
His essence so hot and thick she cums again.. and yet again...
she's innocent....


limbs in a tangled
flesh salty ..
Bed sheets mangled...
So exhilarated...
so joyous...
so calm
Smiles from one to the other...
Acting like a balm For the pains ..
the gains ..
the supreme sacrifice...
He turns to her as He captures her lips
she smiles as she relishes His kiss...
she is His innocent..
And she is glad.....

sexymale2pleasu 35M
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11/8/2005 11:01 pm

what is this crap?

SPs_delight 35F
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11/8/2005 11:56 pm

what do You mean?

1 post
11/9/2005 2:57 pm


Nightguy_1961 55M
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11/9/2005 5:56 pm


What a wonderful piece of have a natural gift.


rm_jandj3080 41M/36F
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11/11/2005 6:48 pm

You're a very good writer, dont listen to sexymale2pleasu. In his profile he says he is looking for a girl that is somewhat intelligent but doesn't recognise intelligence when he see's it. Someday he may realize here are more important things that working out 6 times a week....

SeaPerversity 65M
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5/25/2006 3:16 am

she will always be My little innocent, such is her nature and passion

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