Darkness Calls........chapter 1  

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Darkness Calls........chapter 1

Arriving home late, fear fills me, You are home before me, my legs weak as i make my way to the house. Reaching for the doorknob, door locked, i fumble for my keys. Slowly turning my key in the lock, not wanting to make a sound, though knowing at this point it makes no difference. The door swings easily inward and i step across the threshold, nothing but utter silence and darkness. A chill races through me, my stomach tightens, i stand silent, holding my breath listening for You. my heart pounding, all i can hear is the blood pumping through my body. Nothing, not a sound, no clue as to where You or even if You are here. Taking a deep breath, relaxing, possibly i have still arrived first, yet Your car is in the driveway. Mind racing, torn between fear and hope. Closing the door quietly behind me, making my way across the room, placing my things on the table as i reach for the light.

A hand suddenly upon my mouth muffling the scream that is at first caught in my chest. An arm around my waist drawing me hard against a body, trying desperately to twist out of the grasp, the fight to no avail. Tears welling up in my eyes, pure fear, trying to scream, trying to speak, held firmly. The breath hot upon my neck, "my pet has decided to make her own rules I see", the tone in Your voice making my legs give out from under me, yet no movement from me as you hold me tightly against You. One hand clasping my throat, the heat of Your breath upon me, burns through my body, hanging like a mass of fear. Held there for what seemed an eternity, though only a matter of moments, Your grip suddenly released, my legs unable to support me, i crumple to the floor. Your sudden grip in my hair snatching my head up to look at You, Your cock hard and swollen pressed against my face. my hesitancy quickly thwarted, the severe twisting of my hair making me cry out, the cry broken as your cock shoved harshly down my throat.

my faced fucked with such intensity, Your cock slamming into my throat with every thrust, my head pushed back against an unseen wall, Your grip tightens in my hair holding me in place. Your balls slamming into my chin, no passion, no desire, just pure animal lust driving into me. Your grunts and the slamming of Your cock all i hear, my lungs burning without the needed air, driving harder faster into me. A hard deep thrust, Your body pressed hard against my face, feeling Your cock swell in my throat, Your cum bursting from you filling me. Your cum pumping down my throat, my tear rolling down my face, my lungs on fire, a couple quick thrusts and my head released ....falling to the floor gasping for air. The taste of blood filling my mouth, a warm trickle sliding down my chin, only a moment before i feel your hands upon my body again, the burning not yet quinched in my lungs.

Raised easily, You carry me to the kitchen, the only light coming from several candles placed about. my body placed upon the table, the look You give me almost paralysing, confident of Your hold over me, You turn away knowing i dare not move. my mind racing, my body trembling, both fear and desire consuming me, a tear flows from my eye. That need to run, never fulfilled, Your form appears before me again, that smile, a cry escapes my lips. Your hands upon my thighs drawing my ass closer to the edge of the table, thighs spread wide and fastened to legs of the table once You are satisfied of your access to me. Bound tightly, You move above me stretching my arms above me , wrists restrained and bound to the table. Confused, bound to be exposed yet fully clothed, an uncontrolled whimper as the thought of You leaving me there fills me, my body tightens pulling at the restraints. Sensing me, like you heard my mind, chilled as Your words come, "No pet, I haven't even begun with you". my torment rages within, relief that you aren't binding me here in lonliness, fear at where your mind is, relief....fear.....breathe deeply settle, the trembling in my body grows steadily, i feel the moisture forming.

The blade catching the light of the flame only briefly as it descends to my body, cold steel against my face, my body jerks involuntarily, "careful pet, wouldn't want to make you bleed". Slowly across the face and down to my throat, the pressure placed against it as You bend to kiss me, the kiss filled with such passion ....my only thought, He's gonna kill me. Again You seem to invade my mind, the kiss finally broken, the pressure at my throat continues, You moving to my neck, Your breath hot, Your voice soothing me, "Sssshhhhhh my pet, I would never harm you". You continuing until You feel me relax, lulling me into a false calm, my eyes closing, feeling you flow into my very soul. The sting at first makes no sense, lost to You as i am, then the realization hits, my cry fills the air, your growl following it chasing it through the night.

Frozen by fear rather than pain, breath held, will it be the last drawn. Again the sound of Your voice soothing me, easing me back down. A cold sweat covers my body, my breath broken, ragged, the tip of the blade slipping down my throat again, closer to my chest. One button at a time, easy work, the cool air closing over me as my thin cotton dress cut away, You drawing it out, agonizingly slow. i can smell my fear, needing to look into Your eyes scared to death of what i may see, needing to cry out to You though not a sound escapes me. The last button gone, the blade slipping beneath the cloth and pushing it from me, back arching slightly as the cold encompasses me. blade slipped between my breasts and it a single movement, bra gone my hard nipples exposed to You. The blade cold against my flesh, You teasing me with it, making it draw from me the very essence of my fear. Crossing over my nipples, Your gentleness making my body tighten, long for You to take, Your desire my need.

My eyes closing as i give into You, my mind rages as my body becomes Yours, unable to control, i feel the quiver race through my belly, my orgasm showing no mercy. my eyes spring open as the realization hits, my body riding the waves even as my mind braces for the pain i know is coming. The pain doesn't come, instead Your lips soft upon mine, again Your gentleness throwing my mind into turmoil, nothing is as it should be. The kiss lingers, then broken, my mind clouded, the blade travels my belly, my panties cut easily from me and then nothing. You stand above me, staring down at my body, the muscles of my pussy still tensing from the orgasm, Your smile tells me you see this as well. my hips trying to raise to You, needing Your touch, feeling the next wave of pleasure hanging on the edge, Your gaze drawing it from me. A desperate cry escapes me, straining against my bonds, no lord no don't cum again, but its too late. Jerking against the restraints, mucles tighten, the sudden pain that shoots through my body, my clit gripped tightly, twisted roughly, pleasure pain my mind reeling. The feel of you snatching my clit from my body, released and quickly taken again, "you will cum only as I allow", then silence except for the uncontrolled whimpering.

The shift in purpose felt so strongly, pulling at my restraints, the coldness fills the room, chilling me to my very core. Your hands moving across my tightly stretched belly, my muscles tensing under your touch, my body feeling pain where there is none. Traveling so lightly, across my breasts, back arching, nipples harden. Nipples taken between your fingertips, light pressure teasing them to harden further, my body responding so easily to Your touch. My mind screaming filled with fear, needing to feel Your pain so desperately now, this torment pushing me over the edge. The pressure increases steadily, gripped tightly, twisted sharply, the pain shoots through my belly straight into my pussy. Crying out at You twist them sharply again, feeling relief as the pain continues........


please let me know if Yyou enjoy this story. If so, i shall continue posting the subsequent chapters here as i write them.


shamrocksnroses 53M/47F

11/27/2005 12:05 am

It is an extremely dark chapter, but makes me curious as to the fear behind it. Would be interested to see more. Great job!

wildncrazeeguy71 45M
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12/3/2005 1:20 am

Very dark, but oh, so arousing. I feel the fear, the domination. Would LOVE to read more!

MillsShipsGayly 51M

12/3/2005 5:17 am

SP - seems your SPs is a good writer.

tillerbabe 56F

12/3/2005 2:01 pm

Ohhhhhhhh..this is so very good! MORE please.... {=}

barbiebunny 36F
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12/6/2005 6:01 pm

Just be who u are Let er rip..

Its good to be...ME

mrgrimshade 44M

12/12/2005 3:26 pm


I do enjoy your writing...keep it up girrl


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