Darkness Calls Chapter 2  

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Darkness Calls Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The shift felt, fear drawn, the quiet lull, the gentleness contrasted so sharply to the pain. Its my mind that rages.....tis my mind You have come to own and possess, the body already belonged to You.

Body strapped tightly to the table, searching desperately to feel Your touch anyway it comes, longing needing crying in agony, the mind unable to the quiet or calm as it fights in its own desperate battle. The soft gentle touch, the soothing of Your voice, my body quiets to it even as my mind fills the night with desperate pleas to not give in.

i know deep within me that Your calm screams out its own warning....... the pain as you twist my nipples so shortlived, and again that touch of gentleness.

Moving from me to return in moments, the coolness of the cloth barely felt before the darkness encompasses me. Again my mind screams out, the blindfold throwing me headlong into my own darkness, my needs, my desires consuming me. Twisting, pulling at my restraints, that chuckle as my fight to no avail, pleading with You, i need to see You, its the only way, the fear that wells up inside me now swallowing me.

Pushed too far, the mind slips away, peace. The pain that runs through me at first not registering, then the clamp tightened still further, a cry pushing through the semiconsciouness. "you've come back My pet, now we can continue."

A finger sliding over the sensitive erect nipple before the next turn, Each turn a small one, the pressure the pain increasing slowly the mental torment unbelievable. The drawing out, pain and passion pulled from deep within, my body crying out for You.....yet You linger. With each twist the muscles in my body tighten against their restraints, my breath hangs in my chest.

My body trying desperately to arch into You to give more of myself. Pulling at the clamp,, testing the resistance, nipple stretching, The clamp released from between Your fingers, dropping back to my chest, blood pushing back into, though very slight as the clamp maintains it grip.

The slow process begun again, nipple taken gently, rolled between Your fingertips, a small moan escaping me as my nipple gives itself to You. Once hard, i feel the tug on it, the then cold steel of the clamp.

The nipple hardens still further, as the clamp closes around it. A small turn, pressure though not uncomfortable, by the fourth turn the pain had begun to move through my body and into my belly. By the sixth, my body trying to tear itself from its bonds, whimpering in desperation, gasping as the tightening continues. The nipple swelling, so sensitive, the tip of the nipple pinched roughly, my cry uncontrolled. my nipple tugged at once again insuring that the clamp will remain tightly in place, then released to fall back upon my body.

I feel You looking down upon me, contemplating Your next move.... no not likely...admiring Your work. The quiet, i strain to hear Your breathing, yet i cannot over my own. my body flinching as Your hand slides gently across my belly, moving up my body, feeling every inch of my flesh.

my body quivering beneath Your touch, Your hand moving steadily up my body, until it cups my breast. The gentle touch so abruptly ended, my gasp as you squeeze my breast tightly, blood forced both into and out of the breast, nipples pushed futher through the clamp with the increased pressure.

Squeezed tightly, then released just long enough for the blood to push its way back in then squeezed harder, tears rolling down my face, back arching as the squeezing continues. Whimpering as your grip tightens still further, suddenly feeling your teeth on my nipple, biting at it, pulling at it, so swollen from the blood being pushed into it.

The pain races through me, begging You to release it, my struggling only forcing You to bite harder, squeezing me. The breast released, burning as the blood fills it, another turn on the clamp, the nipple so full from You pushing the blood into it. i scream out as you grab my other breast, Pushing the blood into the nipple, struggling to catch my breath, the pressure in the nipple so great, the release, only to be squeezed tighter still.

Once the nipple swollen, Your teeth sinking into it, tearing at it, pulling it. Begging you to stop, though wanting it more than ever, whimping, fighting myself, the twist of the clamp as Your teeth release my nipple. Then nothing..........

The only sounds are those made by myself, whimpering, my breath ragged, my body shaking, i don't feel Him, where has He gone. "Please Master don't leave me",comes through with my sobbing, the only reply is my own whimpering. The seconds stretch into minutes, the minutes becoming longer, i tug at my restraints knowing its to no avail, then .......stillness.

I concentrate on quieting my body, the heart rate slowing, breathing becoming my normal though still very shallow, my face damp beneath the blindfold. The heat from my body seems to draw the chill in the room and my nipples fight to harden even more as the cold swallows me, the pain in them increases.

And still i am alone. As the fear begins its steady climb, tormenting me as you would.....a single thought hits me....."He owns me completely now, my mind no longer my own"......a cry slips from between my lips, and the muscles in my pussy tighten, excited by this thought. The thought of Him pushing me to the edge again, my hips straining to raise, the need to cum building fast within me.

The sting on my belly snatching me back, "Were you going to cum without permission pet?" "Can I not trust you to be left alone for a moment?" ..."No Master" is all i can manage to push from me......the sharp sting on the belly again....."I believe you were going to cum and now you have made things worse by trying to deceive Me." "No Master,no, i promise Master, i wasn't going to cum!"

Another sharp sting as what appears to be a wooden spoon connects with my belly. That gentle touch again soothing me, the spoon traveling lightly across my belly, chills raise upon my body, making my nipples scream.

The gentle stroking becoming small taps, moving up my belly and around my breasts. The tapping becoming more pronounced on my tender breasts, the strength steadily increases, the heat in my breasts becoming a fire.

Both breasts covered completely except for the nipples, they are left untouched. From the heat and burning, i know both breasts a solid red. Your hand sliding around them again ignoring my nipples, satisfied You continue on with your punishment. Down between my breasts, a very slow pattern of smaking my body with the spoon, running down my belly, across the very edge of my mound, then around my hips. Each succession, the strength increases and the pain increases, my body on fire.

Then the line running down the center of my belly and stopping at the edge of my mound, steadily smaking me there, my hips trying to rise to You, i feel my juices pouring from me, closing my eyes so you can't see them oblivious to the blindfold that covers them.

my body shaking as an orgasm threatens, building, building fast and hard, just before it consumes me the spoon stops and my nipples are twisted, the pain ripping me away from the edge. Nipples twisted sharply in the other direction and stretched, pulled up from my body until the clamps threaten to tear my nipples from me and the release.

The slow process with the wooden spoon begins again, covering both breasts before moving down my belly stopping just above my pussy. The steady smaking on my mound quickly drawing me to the edge of cumming again, "Please Master, i need to cum for You, please", "No slave, you may not cum, do you understand Me?" " I need to cum for You so badly Master, please."

Your answer comes through a very harsh smack directly on my clit, screaming, i try to draw my legs together to protect myself knowing its not going to be. Another harsh smack to the clit, then back to the top of my pussy were they become slow and steady again, building the orgasm once again. My body trembling uncontrollably, biting down on my lip to quiet the sobbing, to fight the urge to cum.....my body speaks only to You now, it no longer hears my desperate pleas not to cum.

With every building of the orgasm it takes far less time, and i know soon it is going to cum and even You won't be able to stop it, You seem to sense the same and You are not ready to allow my body release. The smaking stops altogether and i hear You set it on the table then a new sound, i can't decipher it over my sobbing but the mystery quickly broken.

The fire shoots through my swollen nipple as you place the ice upon it, fighting to move from You, desperate to make it stop, the other nipple taken and twisted, Your way of telling me to stop. The water running off my breast as the ice melts, the steel of the clamps absorbing the cold causing the pain to be more extreme.

Held firmly against the nipple, my begging to no avail, the cold penetrating my breast now. i feel Your body shift, the ice removed, i scream as the hot wax drops upon my frozen nipple, my body jerks on the table, then a second drop to seal it completely. My breath held so long my lungs began to burn, only to filled again gasping as the ice comes in contact with the other nipple.

The whole process starts again, the ice freezing my nipple, the clamps freezing till it fills my breast, once removed the wax to seal the cold within. "Such a beautiful sight my pet, your breasts red, your nipples tightly clamped and swollen encased in wax." A small smile crosses my lips. The spoon drops again upon the flesh of my belly, moving higher, closer and closer to my tender breasts, my body trembling knowing that the blows will soon be on my breasts.

Light smacks raining down on my breasts, all around the nipples, again not to touch them, the intensity increasing as they redden further, before moving down my belly each smack of the spoon stinging worse than the last. Just as You reach the top of my pussy my body tenses, my orgasm pushes from me without warning, every muscle in my body tightens as it rips through me.

You bring the spoon down again and again directly on my clit now, "How dare you cum, pet!" i can feel my clit and pussy lips swelling under your abuse. "Maybe this pussy needs some of the same attention those nipples have gotten, make sure it understands just who it belongs too." Your voice so cold.
You begin the smack my clit and pussy lips with the spoon, yet i feel its not so much for the pain it brings but rather for the effect to the body.

After just a few more strokes the spoon laid aside, my pussy swollen and throbbing. I feel the first clip placed on one of my swollen lips followed by a second and a third then pulled toward my thigh stretching the lip and opening me further to You. The clips held in place by a small velcro strap wrapped tightly around my thigh.

Again the clips, one, two, three on the other lip, pulled open and strapped into place. So completely exsposed to You, bracing myself for the clamp that i know is meant for my clit yet it doesn't come yet, instead that spoon again smaking my clit. Its hit direct and full of pain as now my pussy lips don't even offer a buffer. After the third or fourth blow i feel my body slipping toward another orgasm, "Master please You are going to make me cum again, please Master." "No pet, DON"T YOU CUM".

Biting hard into my lip i taste the blood that fills my mouth and the orgasm slips away momentarily. The clit haven swollen to Your liking, taken between your fingertips and squeezed hard, twisted and pulled on. Suddenly the clamp closing on it and is slowly tightened, my clit throbbing within the confines of the steel.

The cold shoots through my clit as you place the ice against me, hopelessly my body tries to pull away, that chuckle as You watch my fight. The cold water running down into my pussy mixing with my juices then down across my ass. You must have seen my ass tighten as the cold first hits it, "Aw yes something for that too, just be patient my pet."

The ice on my clit now nothing more than a small piece, you let it go and it slides down into my inner pussy everything so open to You. Before even the thought of the ice being gone that hot wax spills upon my clit, my screams piercing the air. Just a couple drops, enough to encase the clit and no more. Your hands gently rubbing my thighs, my belly, "Sssssssshhhhhhh My pet, quiet now."

Your lips come to rest upon mine, one now swollen from where i had bitten it, You kiss me gently through my sobbing. " I think I'll remove this blindfold so you can see what special treat i have in store for that tight little ass of yours". my eyes not needing to adjust much with so very little light anyway. The look in your eyes one of love and tenderness, such contrast to the punishment You have been giving me, then You turn away, only to turn back immediately. "

Maybe i should warm that asshole up just a bit before we continue, and i see you pick the wooden spoon up again. With my body being so stretched my tiny hole an easy target and the smaking begins. Struck just enough to make me cry out to You. The spoon set aside you turn and move to the freezer, when You turn back to me within Your hands a small dildo of ice,"Yes I think this will work nicely in your ass."

my eyes widen in fear. You take no time in moving to my ass, the cold making me gasp, my ass slick from the mixture of water and juices and ice slides easily into me.

You chuckle at me as i try and raise my ass needing what you offer, You push it steadily into me, what at first felt so good quickly became very uncomfortable then turned to pain. "Master, please, please I can't take it, I beg of You- remove it", You say nothing just keep pushing it deeper into me.

You push all the way inside me till my ring closes around it holding it tightly within me.
Moving back to me, again you lean down and kiss me.

"Quiet now my pet, I will be back for you in just a few moments, I want you to concentrate on everything you feel, all the different sensations both within and outside your body. I want you to know whose body this is. Close Your eyes now pet and concentrate, I'll be back for You." As much as i long to beg You to not leave me even for a moment, i know it best for me to keep that to myself. "Yes master, just please hurry back to me."

He slips the blindfold back across my eyes, kisses me gently and only light footsteps heard.

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12/13/2005 2:58 pm

wonderful....now next time you could post a nipple pic with your story...


MillsShipsGayly 51M

12/13/2005 8:43 pm

Very nice.

Check out tillerbabe. Great blog post on nipple piercing

tillerbabe 56F

12/14/2005 8:19 am

Oh that is so very sweet and sensationally excruciating! You write so very well...

(Thank you Michael...) {=}

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