A Lesson Learned  

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11/15/2005 9:37 pm

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A Lesson Learned

The thunder roars 'cross the eastern sky
As the whip strikes the slave and she loudly cries
Her skin on her shoulders crossed with marks
As clouds cross the sun and the sky goes dark
Her Master driven to correct her wrongs
And now Wwe hear her sorrowful song

She shudders in her bonds awaiting the lash
As it strikes her creamy shoulders with an awful slash
She loses count wrapped in her pain
Her cries covered in the pouring rain
She did wrong and now must pay
In the high-noon dark of the day

The pain she suffers is wrenching
As the rain outside is drenching
Her Master says not a thing
As she writhes the whip stings
And she hates herself for her screams
Knowing her cries will haunt tonight's dreams

But with her whipping she is cleansed
Her guilt is painfully rinsed
She hates having to pay this price
But nothing else would suffice
Like the rain outside their doors
To lift this burden making her soul sore

Under the lashing, her skin fails
Blood trickles with louder wails
She bites her tongue, staying awake
Demanding of herself all that she can take
A little red river down her spine
Gritting her teeth, refusing to whine

She scarcely knows her whipping is done
As the clouds leave and uncover the sun
Her Master lays the whip aside
Pitying her for what was done to her hide
Bringing light back to this day
But in order to learn, she had to pay

He releases her from the cuffs
Knowing that she's had enough
Tells her this matter is done
As the puddles glisten in the sun
And helps her as she gains her feet
And again, she feels complete

He tells her He loves her and holds her tight
As the noon sun bathes the world in light
She thanks Him with all of her heart
Knowing it hurts Him to do this part
She sobs and trembles in her relief
And now they're both done with grief

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