women are pearls  

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5/1/2005 6:17 am

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women are pearls

It takes many years to develop a pearl just like a women,from baby to a women,we are pearls in life,and I just love looking at women,naked is my thing,dont get me wrong I love to see women and men dressed sexy or just regular on the street now a days girls ware there pants at their hips showing there belly button and somemore below,I want a girl to touch so bad, but I am nervious to start its been a long time sinse I was with a girl,no girls here so far have taken me up on my offer I am such a sweet person when you get to know me,IM not here to hurt anyone I just dont know how to meet ladys outside on the street,and being married and all its hard, I wish I was a man you guys are lucky getting to look at and touch a warm body to put your hands down there pants and get them wet,to lick them,finger them or do what ever (cums) in your mind,I allso really get excited when I see a cute guy with a nice body standing holding a huge cock in his hands that looks reall good too, so whats your oppinion lady and gentlemen what would you do if you were me, Id like to know

FriendlyTickler 45M

7/19/2005 4:18 pm

Be patient and give it more time, there are plenty of people on her looking for bi's or even threesomes (typically other couples looking for another woman). Give it more time. 4nik gave you some pretty good advice also.

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