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5/4/2005 8:36 pm

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morning booster

OH Damn, every morning at work I have a male customer who comes in and he is shoo goddamn HOT,he has Beautiful feathered past shoulder length black hair,sometimes he has shaved face or most of the time he has a non shaved morning look,which is the Hottest look, after all of my 18 married yrs no one has done this to me before,this guy drives me crazy,just too look at him makes me melt inside,he knows I like him but he just stays cool about it because he's married too, (shit) lucky women,he has a very sweet smile, he always smiles when he sees me and me him I watch for him every day,and I make sure too take care of him, I call him curly by the way his hair waves back or morning smiley, its been this way for months, oh it makes me insane, I don't want too loose him as a customer,he's just too sweet of a find, we have a very defanate attraction going on that's for sure I want to say something but I fear disappointment,OH God help me! OH & did I forget too mention that he has an awesome build a nice thick chest that I would love too lay my head on to rest and suck his tits to.

party6922 77M

7/8/2006 2:28 pm

Why don't you just let him know that your interested and take him out for a drink. This way you'll know one way or another if he wants to stray and have an affair with you. ART

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