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7/28/2005 3:51 pm

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Hey everyone! This may be controversial but I was just discussing my opinion on a domestic violence situation with a friend and we could not agree so I thought I would bring it to you all!

I believe that some women deserve to and like to get their asses kicked. ** Please let me explain and READ the entire entry BEFORE you start typing!**

I have a friend who is married to a B***h! She yells at him, disrespects him in public, tries to boss him around, and is very rude to his family. We grew up together and I know that he has NEVER put his hands on any of the numerous women that he has gone out with in the past. Well, recently they had a huge blow up. She got in his face yelling and screaming hysterically. Afer a while he got so fed up with the situation and all the stress in their marriage, that he hit her. Well, now she is running to everyone like he is such a horrible person but I know he's not. Every MAN has their breaking point and I think she took him to his.
He really feels bad for what he did but that does not mean that he was completely at fault. I told him that he's human. He has delt with her and her obnoxious behavior for all these years with restraint but he just exploded. I feel she had it coming.
I DO NOT FEEL THAT MEN SHOULD HABITUALLY HIT ON WOMEN BUT I don't think a woman should get in a man's face unless she is prepared to go toe-to-toe with them. Hell, I probably would have hit her. This is an isolated situation and I feel he was justified.

What do you think?

FlHighlands 56M

7/28/2005 8:00 pm

Physical violence is not justified under the mere provocation of words, loud, obnoxious, or otherwise. He can simply walk away and divorce the b***h. But he may not hit her. Nor may she hit him. It is illegal of course but the illegality is just the legal expression of the moral prohibition against physical violence. Sorry, your friend was over the line.

fuckufacedown 46M
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7/29/2005 4:27 pm

wow, what a nice pic of your curves spanishmami1000... kiss your parents for me....

chris rock had a skit about your friend. some women will test your self control and try to push your buttons, but as man or better yet, as a human being, you should always stay in control, unless your life is in danger. something is missing between them two..

freakylik 39M

7/30/2005 1:48 pm

i agree with you, however, if i were in ur boy's shoes, i'd just walk away from that marriage. i dont put up with that kind of noise and i'll be damned if a broad ruins my rep cuz she pushed me to my breaking point, ya know?

(Juan S)
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8/3/2005 3:04 am

When pushed to a breaking point in an isolated incident,I feel he should not be condemned. I however feel he should have tried to walk away from the situation, before she got him to that point. People need to realize also...sometimes you CAN'T walk away
and not by your choice either.
...And women, If you got a man that is walking away in those situations, DON'T force it.
Don't make an otherwise decent man into a monster.

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