The Cafe  

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7/6/2006 7:42 am
The Cafe

It was a warm summer afternoon and she was sitting in a sidewalk café, a file folder open on the table, its contents weighted down with the silverware. She was intently reading a paper. Just as he walked by she crossed her legs and her skirt fell open at the side slit to expose the lacy top of her stocking and the clip of black garters. His stride slowed, as he neared her table she leaned forward and reached for another sheet of paper. The edge of her blouse opened just enough for him to get a glimpse of black lace bra. That meeting he was rushing to could wait. Impulsively he entered the café. Quietly, with a little hesitation, not sure what to do now that he was here he approached her table.
She was just finishing with the file she was working on and was about to call the office to set up her meetings for tomorrow when a long shadow crossed her table. She looked up to see who had stopped by but the sun was in her eyes and he was only a dark silhouette. He was tall and in a suit.
"May I offer you a glass of wine?" he asked.
She tried to look up again but the sun made her eyes water turning them to liquid pools of emerald green.
"Are you all right?" Says the shadow and shifted a little blocking out the sun.
"Yes, fine. The sun is just so bright this time of day." She could see his face, a nice face with an intriguing smile that drew one from her in return. A little thrill rushed through her as he held her in the intensity of his gaze. She could almost feel the warmth of his fingers as they trailed from the tip of her earlobe down the side of her neck to slip under the silk edge of her blouse and brush against the lace of her bra. She realized she had leaned toward this stranger and had given him a peek.
She straightened covering the view. With a deep breath she pushed away the imagined sensation. As she looked into his eyes again, he smiled. "We could do coffee if you prefer."

What should happen next?

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