The Ox and the Frog  

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The Ox and the Frog

Nearly breathless and waving his arms wildly, a very young frog bounded up to his dozing father. "Holy cow! Pop...Pop, you won't believe it...and incredible sight...a creature...a monster...a stupendous, gargantuan mountain of a beast with terrible horns that brush the clouds and a body so wide it blocks the sun...holy cow!"

The old frog rolled his eyes, "Oh pooh, son, what you saw was not a terrible beast at all, but merely Farmer White's lazy ox. I know for a fact that animal is not much taller than I am, and I can easily make myself as wide. Stand back, son, and watch your old dad." Father frog sucked in air and held his breath, blowing himself up like a shiny green balloon. "Was the ox as big as this?"

"Oh, much bigger than that, Pop!"
The old frog gulped more air and puffed harder. "As big as this?"
"Much, much bigger!"

Father frog, determined not to be overshadowed by a silly ox, sucked and puffed, gulped and gasped, huffed and poofed until he was so swollen and round that he nearly rolled from his mud nest into the nearby pond. "Now, son," he said with some difficulty, "that...ox...couldn'"KER-BLAM!

"A Big-Head May Lead To One's Own Doing"

Aesop's Fables

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