Tell Her...  

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10/22/2005 3:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Tell Her...

Whisper to her how you have wanted her, needed you have tried to hold yourself back from feeling about her the way you feel but have found your desire to have her is over powering, is something you dont want to live without in your life...then kiss her, promise her heart and soul your there for her, you want that forever also, the forever in eachothers arms that have been in your thoughts that make you desire us.

Kiss her over and over again her you cant get enough of her, that you want to give her what it is she want and what it is she need...and thats you.

Dont hide behind your wall any yourself up to her, give us that chance...that chance to love one another and have that erotic relationship you so desire to have also.

Let your feelings be known, trust in her that she will not hurt you...let that the love she holds deep in her heart for you shine on you and warm your life, experience you, experience her and experience us.

Let her make your deepest fantasies cum true, let her make your hopes and dreams reality...let her show you what life can truly be like, let her show you what true love is.

Then make love to her...make love to the woman who loves you with all her heart and soul, show her the same...take her in your arms and caress her, kiss her, whisper sweet nothings in her ear...interwine your hearts and share with her someone that you have never shared with another...that someone she has reached out for many times and you were afraid to let her know him...let her know him tonight and forever...mend her broken heart, take her fears away, tell her you love her...

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