Saturday Night, MMmmm!  

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Saturday Night, MMmmm!

Another Saturday friends bailed out on me going out at the last minute and I surely didn't want to spend another Saturday night in front of my computer chatting with meaningless
people who also had nothing better to do I got this bright idea, I was already dressed and ready to go out, I decided to take a trip to borders and do some reading or at the very least people watch...but before I left the house I ran up to my bedroom this wasn't going to just an ordinary trip to borders...

I arrived at Borders and went up to the counter, over my shoulder someone caught my eye, he was just walking in and gawd he was sexy...he was about 6" and about 230lbs. large muscular arms and chest with plenty of tattoos on them, how interesting I thought he truly doesn't look like that bad of a boy and he surely doesn't look like a bookworm....

I ordered my cappuccino and started walking down an isle, he had been 2 people behind me so I found a spot to watch him, he started walking my way...he ended up in a very unusual isle which I found even more interesting. I turned and walked down the isle he was in, I watched as he carefully was picking out something to read, he glanced my way and smiled, I casually smiled back and took a sip of my very hot cappuccino,
"ouch" I whispered...I could see him smirk and a little laugh appear upon his sexy lips.

I strolled down the isle looking for something to grab my attention, running my fingers over
a few titles, I stopped as I heard him say "That is very erotic"...I looked at him and simply
said "Oh Really" and took it from it's place on the self...I started to browse through it when
I seen him walking over to a nice comfy chair, I spotted another comfy chair near him and
decided to take my place there, as I approached the chair a women sat down with a huge
pile of books she was going to browse through, "damn she beat me to It" I thought, I
glanced toward him and saw him looking at me with that same sexy smirk on his lips... I
found a chair not as comfy to the side of him yet behind him, I had a perfect shot of his
profile, not what my intention was but it would have to do for the moment...I got myself
settled in the uncomfortable chair and began browsing through his recommendation....."oh my"
I thought as I read the first couple of pages...erotic fiction...I Doubt alone with Mr. Sexy and I guarantee everything I was reading would cum true...I looked up from the
pages and saw him again looking at me with this look in his eyes as if he knew exactly what I was thinking...then I remembered...what I had done right before I left the house. I reached under my shirt and grabbed a hold of the remote control...I switched it on and almost lost it right there in the middle of borders.

MMmmmmm that felt so see before I left the house I ran up to my room and
grabbed my bullet vibrator and inserted it in between my pussy lips tightly against my clit,
this was going to be some night at borders I thought as I started to get into the book...The
more I started to read the more wetter I felt my pussy was really hard to sit still, yet I had to I was in public.I flipped the switch to medium speed...MMmmm I closed my eyes and let the feeling of the bullet against my clit bring me to almost have a orgasm...I didn't want to seem to noticeable so I started to try to get back into my after page it was all about Passionate Sex...when women were bad girls behind closed doors and there was nothing they wouldn't do to please their men...the story was getting me hot and the bullet was making me so wet...MMmmmm I caught myself in the middle of a moan...oops don't want to get everyone in here hot and bothered...except for one guy....I looked at him and there he was he had moved and was across from me pretending to be reading, he would look up from his book and look at me, I watched as he got up and started walking toward the door, I thought to myself "oh god please no don't leave"...and he walked behind a isle, I thought for sure he had left because of course I was seated so I couldn't see the doors and if he had left...I was feeling bummed yet so good from the
bullet I turned it up yet another was a slow 3 pulsing vibration...Mmmmmm god
did it make me want to cum right there...I moved a bit in my seat and then I heard..."so
what do you think of the choice I recommended", I turned around and there he was
whispering in my ear...I was lost for words somehow I turned around and said, "Good
Choice, but..." he cut me off in mid sentence and stated "But it would be so much more
enthralling if someone was reading it to you...after all it must be real hard for you to
concentrate...I was blushing yet very intrigued...He took a seat next to me and took the book from my trembling hands...he introduced himself, he said as he found the page where I had left off...She would lie for hours letting me stroke her, lie like an animal, absolutely quiet, languid...The transparence of her skin showed turquoise-blue threads interlacing her body, and I felt that I was not only touching satin but living veins, veins so alive that when I touched her skin I could feel movement beneath. I used to like lying against her buttocks and caressing her, to feel the contractions of the muscles, which
betrayed her responsiveness...

I felt his breath on my smooth skin as he read this to me, in a very soft yet manly voice...I looked up at him and he was staring into my eyes...looking into my soul, I wanted to feel his lips on mine at that moment...He whispered to me..."So what is it you have going on that no one here knows about?" I leaned toward him and I took his hand and placed it in between my thighs, I watched a smiled come across his
sexy lips...

He stood up and took a hold of my hand and lead me toward the door...

Outside it was chilly, a beautiful winter night crisp and clear, he put his arm around me
and held me tightly as we walked...We got to his truck and he opened the back, I thought to myself "Oh Yeah Right ", but when I looked inside it was as if he knew we would meet that night, I climbed in and said nothing...I looked around there were 2 sleeping bags one already opened and spread out, it was green and thick I knew it was an army sleeping bag...there was a small CD player also in the corner, he turned
it on and some soft jazz begun to play, he shut the tailgate and said to me...."If your
uncomfortable I can understand"...I simply said "Not At All"...I took my coat off
and so did he...

Sitting ever so close to one another, I felt his hands on my face, his lips touched mine and I felt this warmth deep within me...his tongue met mine and together they intertwined and danced with one another...his kiss was so passionate and his touch so gentle...he spread my legs apart, putting them over his, pulling me close to him...his kisses were so inviting and his touch was so soothing...the remote for my bullet fell out and he looked down, he took it in his hands and smiled as he played with the button...I felt the vibration go from soft to fast then back to soft...he looked up at me and said "sorry" and I just smiled...he set it down and left it on high, he once again took my face in his hands...his lips found mine and he said hello to me, his hands ran down to my shirt
and slowly he begun to unbutton it, my hands ran down his arms..."oh god" I thought...his arms were so strong, he pushed my shirt past my shoulders and his lips found just the right spot...his begun to kiss my neck moving ever so slowly to my shoulder taking in the sweet smell of my lotion...I heard rich moans escape from his lips...I felt his hands on my breasts, firmly he took a hold of them and through my bra, I felt his grip which told me that he wanted me...He flipped each of my breasts out from my black bra...and his lips found my extremely hard nipple...his tongue was rough yet
gentle at the same time, I felt his mouth cover my nipple and him take me all in...I felt my
pussy getting so wet and so hot, I squirmed against him and he whispered to me "just let yourself go" I slightly leaned back on my hands so he could watch, I closed my eyes felt his lips on my hard nipples again and did just as he whispered to me...I let the feelings of his fiery touch and the feeling of the bullet take over me and I could feel it building deep within left hand found his hair and I gently
held his mouth tightly against my breast...I felt my pussy throbbing and I felt myself letting go...he broke his bond with my breasts and looked deeply into my eyes as I felt xtc rush over my entire body...his lips found mine again, he kissed me and held me ever so close to him as the first rush went through my body…as I let the rush take me I heard those rich intense moans once again escape from his lips...

Coming down from my high I broke away from his kiss and looked at him...the look on his face told me he needed to go there also...he needed me to take him there...I pulled his shirt up and over his head, my hands taking in every inch of his chiseled chest and arms, he continued to remove my shirt and bra and when he did he pulled me up against him breasts felt so good against his warm nipples rubbing against him, feeling his heart beating against mine, he laid down and pulled me next to him, once again our lips found one another's passionately...speaking our desires to one another without even uttering a word...My hand found his belt and I slowly begun to undo hand found the button of his jeans and I slowly undid that also...I ran my hand over his bulge through his jeans and I felt from him what my touch has done to him, his body moved from my touch letting me know it was ok to go further...I slowly unzipped his jeans and he helped me to pull them down past his hips and off of him...I felt his cock again this time through his boxers and MMmmmmm he was so rock hard....I released his cock and my hand grabbed a hold of his thick fingers played with the head of his cock and I found there a present for me...I took it and broke away from his lips and leaned back a bit, he watched as I ran my wet fingers across my just kissed lips, I moved back toward him and kissed him sharing with him his powerful swetness...he whispered "Oh Yes"...I ran my tongue down to his chest and started to play with each of his nipples, his hand guided me back and forth to each one as his fingers intertwined in my soft hair...I ran my tongue down to his belly button and encircled it with my seductive tongue...I continued down lower to his now hard cock...I touched it ever so lightly with my wet tongue and felt his body tighten up...then as I licked the head of his cock I felt his body let go and relax...his fingers still playing with my hair...

I climbed in between his legs and looked up at him…I watched him watching me as I let his
cock slowly enter my hot wet mouth...he closed his eyes and let the feeling of his cock gliding across my lips take him there, there to that edge...

I gently sucked on the head of his tongue tasting every sweet drop of precum he
let go of...wrapping my lips tightly around the head of his hard throbbing cock I slowly begun
my way down the length of it...inch by inch I let him in, my tongue whirling around his
hardness tasting every luscious inch...

My lips reached the base of his rigid cock and I firmly sucked on him…my tongue doing it's own thing licking him from inside my hot mouth...

His hands begun to guide my mouth up and down the length of his throbbing cock, his hips begun
to raise and lower slightly to meet my mouth…he was softly yet intensely moaning, letting me know he was enjoying everything I was doing to him...He guided me a bit faster up and down his cock…his body told me he was at that edge and needed to go over it badly...I sucked on his cock harder and firmer...I felt myself going
toward that edge also again...I continued to fuck his cock with my mouth as I felt the bullet
stimulating my once again swollen clit...

He begun to move his hips faster, making the base of his cock meet my lips faster and harder...the truck was filled with the scent of desire, the desire he barely could hold onto any give me what my mouth was craving from him…his passion...

I felt his body stiffen and his cock become more rigid, I felt him explode on my tongue, his
passion was thick, warm and salty and I felt my pussy give into the feeling once more...I felt
my passion release also...

I kept his cock in my mouth for awhile, milking him for every sweet drop he offered to me, his
cock soft & limp now lay on my tongue, he pulled me up to him and once again kissing me...

We lay there, some clothes still on some off now,he grabs the other sleeping bag and covers
us both with it, we lay there touching and feeling one another not speaking a word

We both must have drifted off to sleep for a little while, I awoke with my hand resting on his now semi hard cock, I turn over and slowly begin to take my pants off...I turn back around toward him and run my hand down his chest…I watch his face as he naps, I run my finger across his lips and over his chin...I work my way back down to his cock...I get up and straddle him leaning forward bringing my lips to his...I softly kiss him, watching his face, he opens his eyes and kisses me back, his hands find my ass and he pulls me down onto him…his now hard cock finds right where it needs to be, and I feel the head of his cock enter me, slowly I move my hips up and down on the head of his cock...fucking him nice and slow...

He tries to push me down farther on him but I resist..and smirk at him and whisper "Not Yet"…
I continue working the head of his cock in and out of my dripping wet pussy…kissing his lips
in a very sultry way, letting my tongue slip into his mouth grabbing his tongue and slowly sucking on it...I feel his cock begin to throb against my clit, I release his cock and rub my clit up and down it, grinding my clit into him

I sit up and take my own breasts in my hands and bring my right breast to my mouth, I watch him
as he watches me lick my nipple and gently suck on it...he raises up and joins me in doing this…together we both lick and suck on my extremely hard nipple...

I push him back and reach between my legs and take his hard cock in my hand, I guide it to my
waiting pussy and let him slip back in...I let him enter me…slowly every inch of him...

Every inch of his hard cock is deep in me, both of us lost in the feelings this has created in
us...I start to grind into his cock letting as much of him in as possible...I look at him and his eyes are closed and he has the look of xtc on his entire face...I move up and down the length of his cock and begin to fuck him nice and slowly...

I lean forward and kiss him...a long passionate kiss as I feel myself cum all over his cock...his hands grip my ass and pull me down on him harder and harder....I continue on riding him, wanting from him, the passion he is holding onto for me...

Mmmmmm I feel myself so ready to cum again...I hold back and start to ride him faster and faster...I want to cum with him and I whisper this to him..."Baby Please cum with me, let us experience that edge and going over it together...I hear you softly say..."Oh Yesssss" and I start to pump your cock faster and pussy is tingling and I can feel his cock pulsating in me...working you in deeply
then out to just having the head in me...I fuck the head of your cock and you moan again
loudly...your hands grip my hips tightly and you pull me down hard on you again...letting your
cock fill me up...

I feel myself cum on your cock and I feel my body getting ready for the next rush...I wasn't even down from the last one and another one has came to me, I moan out loud again and let it have me...I feel his breath on my skin that he is so close, I move my hips to let him in as deeply as he could be, my pussy grabbing onto his cock and not letting it go...I feel his body stiffen under mine and I feel his cock swell
deep within me and I feel his Passion release in me, his moans are quiet yet so intense like a soft grunting, this sends me there again and together we mix our Passion's...

We lay there regaining what we have just lost and shared with one another...

He walks me to my is late yet neither of us want the night to end, he takes me once again in his arms and kisses me passionately...saying goodbye to someone he doesn't even know except for intimately...I go to speak and he hushes my lips with his finger as if he knows what I want to ask him, once again his lips find mine and we share one last kiss...

Driving home that night listening to music and lost in deep thought, I unknowingly reach in my coat pocket and pull out a piece of paper...if says 555-5555...I grab my cell phone and dial...this night is long to be over yet!!!!

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1/28/2006 7:46 am

Damn 'Rella, I need to hit Borders more often!

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1/28/2006 8:04 am

Mmmm, exxxtremely erotic! I luv your style SINderella! You have definitely aroused my attention...hmm, actually much more than just my attention Thanks! I'm looking forward to cumming back for more!


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