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MMmmm the feel of your warm wet tongue on my clit as he slowly enters your ass...your tongue reacts against my clit as he goes deeper and deeper...MMmmmhe begins to work your ass...IN OUT...slowly and smoothly...just as your tongue works my clit.
I can hear your good his cock feels fucking your bring your lips to mine, your lips wet with my sweetness, kiss me as I feel your hard throbbing cock slowly enter my hot dripping wet pussy...
MMmmm you both begin to work your cocks...faster and deeper...kiss me as you make me cum from stroking my pussy with your hard cock and kiss me as you cum from him fucking your ass...
Thats it baby dont stop fucking me...let me feel the way his cock is making you feel...stroke my pussy, faster, deeper and let yourself go...
Share with me the erotic breath of your cum from this...kiss me passionately let me feel it from deep within your soul...

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10/10/2005 9:54 am

mmmmmmmm, ideed!

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