CandyCanes Part1  

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11/22/2005 2:22 am

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CandyCanes Part1

It is Christmas day evening, sitting in front of the Christmas tree with you, no kids around no friends around no family around...just you and I and it is our turn to share the wonderful that Christmas brings.

Christmas music fills the room and it is lit by candle lit, and the scent of Christmas is in the air, the curtains are slightly opened and it is snowing heavily outside, we can hear the laughter of kids in the distance outside playing in that same snow.

Here we are sharing our own Christmas in our erotic way, you dressed in nothing but SANTA boxers and me in something bit more a fiery red flannel shirt and a pair of cute Christmas angel panties, I am sitting between your legs against
your warm hairy chest, your arms are wrapped around me, I feel so safe in your arms and it is a place on earth that I want to stay in forever with you, we talk about anything and everything, we giggle and then laugh and our laugh is hushed
with a Passionate kiss with my lips and yours...your tongue finds mine and together they begin dancing to the music, your hand finds my breast and you begin rubbing it squeezing it, and you feel my lips letting escape from them
sultry moans mmmmmmm, I break from your kiss and turn around and sit between your legs this time I wrap my legs around you and bring my body real close to yours, we share many Passionate Kisses again, just letting our lips speak to one

We stop for a moment and we both have the same thought, you reach for a candy cane from the tree, and I watch as you unwrap it, you slide the candy cane into your mouth and you roll it around getting it NICE & begin to unbutton my shirt and you do it real slowly, looking deeply into my eyes as you do,
teasing me the way you know how, you slide my shirt over my shoulders and let my breasts free from it, you look down and see my nipples are now extremely hard from your teasing, you take that candy cane from your mouth and I gasp as you
touch my left nipple with it, I watch the look of your face as you dress me in it, then your lips find the stickiness of the candy cane and I softly moan as you take it from me, I lean back letting you have full view of my soft breasts
letting you have them all to yourself.

You move the candy cane to the right nipple and we both watch as you dress that one in the sweetness of the candy, this time I take my breast in my hand and you watch as I have this one all to myself, and then bring my lips to yours sharing once again the sweetness, you unbutton my shirt more and now it is completely
open to you....I watch as your hand moves down to my panties and you slide them to the side, I lean back further letting you have what I know you want...I close my eyes and I feel the sticky candy cane touch my clit, it is warm from being in your mouth, and I can feel how wet you have made it, I spread my legs further apart letting them fall back for you, letting my pussy be all yours this Christmas night, I feel you tease my clit with the candy cane and I feel you
move it down further, I feel your eyes on my pussy as you let it slide into me and I gasp once again and let out a soft "oh god" as you slide that candy cane deeply into begin working the candy cane in and out of me...

German4good 53M

12/23/2005 2:59 am

Wow! If I was Santa, I'd never leave your house. I guess the kids would be disappointed, but I don't think I would be.
Keep on writing, it's good stuff...

SINderella65 51

1/9/2006 2:36 am

Thanks for the comments, I truly appreicate them!


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