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11/22/2005 2:17 am

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I watch you looking down at my pussy as you fuck me with the candy cane, andeven tho the candy cane is small I feel the urge to cum building deeply in me the sight of the pleasure on your face with the erotic feeling of being made
love to by you with candy makes me hot, you take the candy cane from me and you offer it to me I part my lips and you slide it into my mouth and I taste myself on it....your hands pull my ass close to you and I feel your hard cock against
my wet sticky pussy...the smell of candy cane and sex fill the room making this our erotic Christmas...I feel you move your boxers down and I feel the head of your cock on my clit, I feel your pre cum oozing from don't speak a
word you just let your cock find where it wants to be, and I feel you enter my sticky pussy, we both let out moans of XTC as we feel your cock work it's way into me....I sit up on you and I let your cock sink deeply into my hot wet
wanting pussy, your lips find mine and we share a tender passionate kiss, I feel your cock swell in me and I can feel it throbbing in me...I begin riding your cock nice and slowly, and I feel you whisper on my skin "Oh Yeah Baby" I begin working my pussy up and down the length of your throbbing shaft, MMMmm your cock feels so good in me, you lean back and rest on your hands and I sit back slightly still letting your cock deeply in me, I place my hands on my breasts
and I let you watch as I play with them, pinching my nipples and then bring them to my mouth sucking on each one, I ride your cock so slowly and we both just look deeply into each others eyes as I ride you...

You sit back up and pull me to you, your hands grab my ass and you move my hips back and forth letting my pussy stroke your cock the way you want it stroked by me....we passionately kiss and I feel in your kiss your so close to giving me my first gift of the night, I begin fucking your cock now nothing nice and slow about it, I raise to my knees and I begin working myself up and down on you wildly, your lips grab onto mine as my pussy grabs onto your cock and I feel it building in both of us, I stroke your cock faster and faster and with each stroke I make to it I feel in my body how I am so ready to exchange passion with you, you grab my head and let your tongue sink into my mouth deeply, and you hold me close to you as I cum on your cock, you feel my pussy grab onto your cock not wanting to ever let it go and you feel in my body the passion within me, my body is shaking and you hold me tighter and let me have my second wav of XTC, I continue riding your cock bringing you to the edge the same place I was
just desire for you to go over that edge builds in me and I can feel it building in you...I break from your lips and I slide down your body, I bring my lips to your cock I let you slide deeply into my mouth and I begin milking from you your cum...I can taste me and the candy cane on your throbbing cock and I
can taste your passion on it, I begin sucking everything from you and all you can do is let grab my head and you hold me firmly against you letting your cock be as deeply in my mouth as it can be...I hear you whisper "oh god
yes" and I being stroking your cock again this time with my mouth, I feel your hot thick cum filling my mouth I continue to suck your cock and I swallow what your offering me and I take your gift...

I feel your cock start to go limp in my mouth and I begin softly stroking it with my lips, I feel how sensitive you have become cuz you move back trying to release yourself from me....I let you and I sit up I turn around and I lean
against you again just like we were in the beginning and I feel you place your lips on my neck and I feel you place tender kisses on my shoulder, you wrap your arms around me again and once again I feel safe in them, you move my hair from my sweaty face and you look at me, we start to giggle again and it is quieted with a Sultry Passion Filled Kiss from you to me....

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