100% Passion  

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100% Passion

We had spent most of the day in the cabin watching it snow, we didn't do a whole lot just enjoyed each others company which was the best thing in the world to do when we are together, I watched as he fixed some small things around there we had the music playing and we were laughing and having just a great time.

He would stop what he was doing and come over to me to steal a kiss from my tender lips and he'd whisper in my ear as if we were in a crowded room and he only wanted me to hear and none of the rest of the world, how he Loved Me, He made me smile in so many ways, sometimes just looking at him watching him into something would make me smile, the look of concentration on his face told me he put 100% of his all into whatever he was doing just as the look on his face did as we make love...!!

I went outside on the porch and stood there listening to the silence of up north watching the snow flakes fall ever so gracefully, breathing in the fresh clean air that cleared your mind and soul. I didn't hear him open the door but I felt him wrap his strong arms around me and together we stood there listening and watching, not saying a word to one another, his hands found my breasts and both of them felt warm through my shirt, he begun gently squeezing them and his fingers found my nipples teasing them playfully...his lips found my neck his lips were so warm on my skin and
his breath so hot, I just closed my eyes and let him have his sweet way with me...my thoughts were on his kisses and touches, he wasn't rough, he
was so gentle he was stirring my passion and desire for him deep within me, nothing mattered at this moment but him and I and our LOVE...!!

I pressed my body into his letting him know what he was doing to me...his body pressed into mine, he was answering me, the journey had started and we both knew the destination!!!

He whispered to me "Come On Lets Go Inside It's Cold Out Here" and he turned around and I heard the door shut, I stood there with my eyes still
closed his Kisses & Touch still present on my skin...I started thinking about him and how we met and the rough start we had, but it all didn't matter now because he was with me letting me love & care about him, he let me in his heart and soul and there's no other place on earth I would rather be then in those two places with him!!

I went back inside and he had cleaned things up, there was a roaring fire going and he had switched the music to soft jazz, he wasn't around, I went
into the bedroom and changed into something a little more fitting for the mood he had created, I looked in the mirror and as I put my hair up, I stood there looking at myself in the mirror for a moment wondering what it was he saw in me and loved me the way he did...I looked up and saw him there again behind me looking at me, he had that look in his eyes that "Oh Baby I Need You Look" I smiled at him and he innocently said "WHAT?" I knew whathe was thinking what was on his mind, we connected so well together we always knew what the other was thinking both of us Passionately in Love with one another that we both were riding the same wave of life and fit so well together, both of us wanting the same things from life and needing the same things from life, we stared into each others eyes and souls for a moment and then he came to me knowing I needed at that moment to be loved by him, he knew my every need, want and desire I never had to ask, he was always there to fulfill my every desire and passion...We managed to make it to in front of the fire, he took me in his arms and we begun dancing, our bodies moving with one another not even paying attention to the music, we were making music of our own, in our own place and in our own time!!!

His arms so strong yet so gentle...they begun moving along my body feeling the soft silk of my nightie and soft silky feel of my skin, he brought his lips to mine and our lips opened up and our tongues found each others and we let them dance to our music, our bodies moving ever so slowly with one anothers our tongues finding a rhythm of their own, he takes my face in his hands and looks deeply into my eyes and I see the man I Love Desiring me in a way at that moment like never before, we speak no words....there are none
to be spoken!!

He lays me down and I feel his body on top of mine and his warmth is enough to send me to heaven but he has other plans of a place he is going to take me to....

He places my arms above my head I hold my arms over my head as he lets me know in his way to keep them there, and I feel his hands feeling all of
me...! He runs his hands over my body, feeling me through my nightie teasing himself by not touching any part of me not covered...his touch firm but soft at the same time, I close my eyes and let his touch just have me completely.

I lay there completely his and his alone, I smell something sweet in the air and then I feel it something warm and smooth, he lets out my breasts
and I feel it drip onto me...his hands find my breasts and he begins to gently massage them, I let out a soft intense moan of pleasure at the
feeling of his hands there...I take my arms from above my head and I remove my nightie he sits there and watches with just this smile on his lips, I sit up and bring my lips to his and kiss him, letting him know I am all his, he lays me back down and begins again...!

I feel him dripping the oil onto my skin this time all over me my breasts once again and my stomach, letting it drip right to my hair line, he teases me and I look at him and he is now wearing his BadBoy Smirk the one that drives me wild, I close my eyes...

His hands are so large and so strong that his massage feels so wonderful, He knows how to be firm yet he is always gentle with his touch...he works the oil into me, making sure every inch of me gets his full attention...he stops and kneels between my legs he raises my left leg and begins at my foot working out all the tension from my long hard week...I can feel his touch making it all leave me...he works his way up my leg to my thigh and there he spends a great deal of his time rubbing upwards just until he gets to my
wanting pussy then stopping and working his way back down...he moves to the other leg and does the same thing working his sweet way just to my pussy
then stopping and making his way back down....I moan as he gets ever so close to my oh so wanting pussy and he knows what I am needing from him...!

my sets my leg down and gently spreads them apart...I give out a very intense moan as I feel his oily hand at my pussy....his hand starts
massaging my lips making them slippery from the oil I am so wet and I can hear him breathing in my sent, I open my eyes and I watch him watching his
hand as he touches my pussy, watching him watch himself feeling every part of me turns me on, that "LOOK" of him giving is all is 100% once again on
his face...I reach for a pillow and I place it under my ass raising my pussy for him, he smiles at me and I whisper to him "Oh Baby, Taste Me Now Please"and before I can finish I feel his warm wet lips on my hair and I feel his tongue tasting my wetness, he licks the outside teasing me, placing soft kisses just where his tongue had licked me, he lays down in front of me his face in full view of my pussy and he wraps his arms around my thighs I get ready for the time of my life for I know he is serious about what he is going to make me feel at this point...

He grabs my arm and brings my hand to my pussy and I know what he wants but he holds my hand still for a moment and his tongue begins his journey...his tongue continues licking me gently and teasingly, he places my hand at my pussy and I spread myself open for him and his tongue finds my clit, yet another soft intense moan escapes from my lips he begins nibbling on my clit and I begin moving once again starting our own music...I raise my hips gently and grind my pussy into his face...his tongue wraps around my clit making me feel Oh So Good...his mouth sucks me in and his tongue works his magic on me, I feel my first wave building and I let it and him take me there, my hips start moving to his rhythm and I am moaning soft MMMMMmmmm's his tongue response to my moans and I place my hands on his head and I let me do it to me....his tongue works my clit faster and faster and Oh God I grab onto him as I let my passion escape from me, I feel his tongue sink
deeply into my pussy as I release my passion for him and I feel him drinking my sweetness taking it from me as if he has craved it all day...and I am
feeding his addiction!!!

My body is still so tense and my hands still pressing his face into me, I feel another rush beginning deep within me and I say to him "OH Baby Don't Stop" and I feel his response with his tongue and he continues craving me and making me give him more...!

He begins making love to me with his tongue and he moves in and out of me slowly...he is driving me wild with the passion that he has built up in me and I only want to satisfy him and his craving for more of me....I feel his finger at my ass as I get close for yet another wave to XTC...his finger
goes into me as I cum for him again making this time better then the last!

Without speaking any words he lays on his back and brings my body on top of his, his tongue finds my dripping wet pussy once again and I find his hard throbbing cock at my lips, he has 7 inches of rock hard MAN he is offering me and my lips cant resist him...

The romantic passion has left us both for the moment we both want the untamed desires within us to come out now, I take his cock in my hand and I
feel his tongue begin fucking me once again, I let his hard throbbing cock slide deeply into my mouth letting him feel my desire for him, he moans out
loud and begins moving his hips with mine...I wrap my lips tightly around his cock and I begin letting my mouth make love to him slowly, his hips want faster but I only give him slow right now...!

He makes love to me with his tongue and I make love to him with my mouth...I begin working him in and out faster feeling him begin to swell on my lips...he breaks away from my pussy and I hear "Oh God Baby Yessssssss" I take his cock all the way into my mouth and I give him hard deep sucks and he begins to ravish my pussy for his desire to give me his passion is so great that he wants us to share in this feeling of XTC together with one another...it is so hard to concentrate on how he makes me feel and how I am making him feel I don't think about it, either of us do. He we both just continue pleasing,but are we pleasing each other or ourselves maybe a little of both at the same time, I have never felt his body this way as I take his cock into my mouth over and over again I have never felt his tongue making love to me like this, he grows so out of control and so do I...I work his cock in faster and faster and I feel it building within him and myself, I feel my
hot passion release from me as I feel his shot salty passion release onto my tongue and into my mouth his body stiffens up and he drives his tongue into me Oh So Deeply...god we both are in total XTC with one another, I continue sucking his cock draining his passion and he continues draining mine from me....

I hear his words "Get Over Here Now" and I turn around and I straddle him and shove myself onto his still hard throbbing cock, we both let out
Passionate Moans of how his swollen cock fits so well into my wet hot pussy, my dripping wet pussy devours his cock and he grabs my head and
brings our lips together and as my passion mixes with his, we exchange our own XTC with one another in a Long Sultry Passionate Kiss!!

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2/1/2006 12:25 pm

Mmmm, wow, thanks SIN! This may sound sappy, but I just gotta' say that your passion and eroticism absolutely radiates from your writing...very hot and exxxtremely arousing! I have no doubt you're quickening the pulse and raising the sexual tension of all who read your stories. I think I'm becoming addicted...maybe not quite as much fun of an addition as "drinking your sweetness" (from your story), but definitely worth cumming back for more!


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