I love you  

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3/2/2006 1:18 pm

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I love you

The rain is falling
and nothing I can do but walk
longing for the moment- waiting for the chance
and only if I could and hold you in my arms.
But here I am, walking in the asphalt
all wet!
How can I tell you, what would I say
or how in the world can I forget.

I love you!
Let the world hear me
I can’t hold this anymore
there is no other reason for me to live.
You are, the sun through my window
the stars of the night
the beat of my heart,
you are.......my life!

I love you!
I cannot keep this secret anymore.
How can I tell you, what would I say
I cannot hide it like before.
I love you!
I will let the world know if they must.
Is time to take that step
Is time to let you know.

SGTp78 38M

3/2/2006 2:34 pm

dunno if that was me...
thanks for your response... I did keep in touch with those who wrote me and sent them souveniers. I will be back there in a month again... don't get lost... you might have met a new pen pal...hehehe

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