The Ultimate Sacrifice  

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6/10/2006 8:36 am
The Ultimate Sacrifice

Taking that step in the direction you believe is right
Never keeping your heart tucked in or out of sight
Wearing it on your sleeve for everyone to see
Making sure the one you’re with knows who you can be

You make every effort to prove that which we all search for
You show them respect and honesty, and do all the things they adore
Some people never realize what they have till it’s gone
Never giving up on the fight until every last thing has been done

You make every dying effort to be seen for what you are and how you feel
You hope they will truly believe in that which you know is real
Taking every day one at a time doing it all right
Letting them know they are your one and only and they are out of sight

Giving them love in every possible way
Getting tongue tied when they’re around never knowing what to say
You engage in love for this one and noone else can compare
You admire their beauty noone else can be so fare

You only have a heart for this one person so true
You believe in your mind that none else can be for you
Having this person in your life makes it so full and very nice
That’s why you have no worries making this Ultimate Sacrifice

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