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6/14/2006 2:57 pm

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The Seldom Seen Romantic

Romance is the foundation to the love of the past that in this world today has slowly drifted from one of values and morals, to a one of disrespect, and disloyalty. This particular man has somehow managed to maintain his composure of real love through pain and adversity committed against him by women that he has encountered in his life. Even though he has been hurt by women he still holds in his own true faith to himself that there is one true woman that will someday accept him for who he is and will take the love he gives 100% too, and acknowledge it with the return of her own love in the same manner.
This man gives 100% to his relationship he is in not because he has to or because it is how a relationship should be, he does it of his own free will, without ever asking anything in return, and that is what he hopes to find someday. He believes in the moral and values of life such as honesty, trust, faithfulness, and respect. These things combined make up the true love he holds in his heart for that one person who can hold onto it and handle it without fail. He doesn’t look at his past relationships or his failed marriage as a failure at all. He believes that they all taught him lessons he needed to learn to reinforce those beliefs he thought would be lost. He has a big heart and believes in helping others always, but many times by helping others he has given more to them than they ever give back in return. He doesn’t allow this to bother him. He still holds onto the dream of someday being totally happy emotionally, and mentally, and relationally.
This guy is also very romantic when it comes to women. He believes in opening doors, tipping his hat, seating a woman before himself, candlelit dinners, and flowers on any occasion for no apparent reason, and many other little surprises. He is a gentleman to all people women and men included. He writes poetry to show how he truly feels sometimes, and on occasion he allows others to read it even though they may disagree or fight the beliefs he shares in his words. When he is in a relationship he believes in the simple things such as, holding hands, long walks, and quiet talks. He loves cuddling, and relaxing at home, or showing the one he is with a night on the town. When he makes love to his woman it can be hot and sensual, passionate and loving, or wild and kinky, but always he is aware of her feelings, likes, wants, and needs, and he tries to always put her first before himself. There are not many like him as he has been told numerous times, but there is one real truth about this man, he is definitely one of a kind among many.
Many times he has tried to get to know a woman, but the woman shuns him off for a less respectful man who may treat her worse than he ever would, and then realizes he was a good guy. She tries to call him up and get back in with him, but he only turns her down because he knows now the games that some women play. He ahs been turned down by many women because he realizes that some women can not handle the ways of a true gentleman, so they settle for below average men who engulfed with their ego, and tend to be shows offs like they think they may be all every woman wants, when in reality women want a man who treats them good. This guy has watched and observed many women in his lifetime and seen probably ever type of woman that exists. He has seen the good ones gone bad and the wise ones, the beautiful ones, and the not so beautiful ones, and of course the cheaters and the liars too. He holds no grudges against those women who have done him wrong, but knows deep down that those who had a chance to have all he has to offer regret deep down inside not giving in return, except for maybe certain ex’s who are too consumed with themselves to admit their mistakes.
He is by no means perfect in any way. He is just a man who tries to be the best he can be through adversity, ridicule from others, and the hate from those who don’t like him, and his ideas about relationships and love. So for now he will patiently wait for that one special woman to take his heart and hold it tight, and if that never comes to pass, he will always be able to say with a straight face, and an honest heart I had the love for many but was seldom seen by few.

Signed Yours truly, The Seldom Seen Romantic.

Red_Maiden 57F  
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6/28/2006 8:26 am

Wow I cant find the words to say how this made me feel. It is so full of meaning . I look forward to reading more about this man. hugs


6/28/2006 3:29 pm

He is around in many ways, just keep looking never know when things will be caught in writing by him

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