Living out the Fantasy  

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6/5/2006 9:02 am

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6/5/2006 10:30 am

Living out the Fantasy

Holding onto a dream of something wild and wonderful
Fulfilling it with special one not leaving anything to chance
Taking it to every step of your fantasy always being grateful
Making sure that you both enjoy it looking deep into each others eyes with that special glance

It can be erotic, it can be passionate, and it can be full of fun
It can be all planned to the smallest detail or can be planned on the run
Once you start bringing it to life carry it out all the way
Leaving you both exhausted and spent not knowing what else to say

You snuggle up in each others arms after its all said and done
Holding each other tightly letting the other know their the one
Many people ignore their fantasies because they are truly scared
They think their partner has no interest, or that they truly never cared

Being open minded is a lot of what makes fantasies become real
They make them more fun, and make you easier to feel
Taking advantage of what your partner’s fantasies entail
You and they can work together to make them come true without fail

A fantasy is just that unless you take it to heart
Making every effort to unfold it all and play your part
Make it as intense or passionate as you wish for it to become
When you done and your both exhausted all you can say to them is your welcome

The fantasy can be great whether it’s yours or it’s theirs
Ignoring it can make things clog up because of your fears
Embrace it, and enjoy the intense energy it can engage
It will be the inner most desires that will finally turn the page

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