Inspired by many, loved by few  

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6/5/2006 11:17 am
Inspired by many, loved by few

I have known many people who have inspired me in life
Few of those have loved me for who I am inside

The inspiration I give comes from my heart
That I receive usually tears me apart

I learn more lessons with every day I am here
Even when I don’t have anyone special who is near

I make the best of day-to-day life without to many misses
I carry on without holding out for to many of my wishes

I’m sorry to say life is that way
All I ever do is talk to God and pray

I pray for the day I find that special one for me
Someone who will accept me, for who I am,
And who I want to be

I don’t hold my breath waiting for the next failure to come
I just hope for the best, to see what will become

Missing that special something that everyone else has in his or her heart
Hoping someday to find someone to fill that part

Going through life’s changes doing things that are a must
If ever I find them they have to have respect, honesty, love, and trust

All these things are so hard to find
I guess I will keep them in my mind.

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