Deep Down dreaming  

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6/10/2006 8:38 am
Deep Down dreaming

Reaching down inside yourself looking for that one true dream
Hoping to someday find it without having a real hard time

Taking each step carefully hoping no to trip and fall
Getting up on your two feet and holding you head up and standing tall

Once you think you have found it, and you begin to draw it near
You move very slowly watching with both eyes, and listening with your ears

You begin to dream that dream every night watching for in the day
Hoping that it is the right one coming true in every way

Sometimes you see it, it’s as clear as a bell
Sometimes you miss it, and it makes you feel as though you fail

Walking on day by day hoping someday it will come true
You think to yourself I deserve the dream of a lifetime that happens between me to you

When you see this dream every day in all the things you do
You know that it’s good, and it’s what’s right for you

When you finally find it and it goes off without a mistake
You nourish it from now on, and put your all in it for goodness sake

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