Are you prepared?  

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6/5/2006 11:13 am
Are you prepared?

Are you prepared for what life throws your way?
Not if you have been given any chances to stay.

Are you prepared for life’s ups and downs?
Not if all you have ever known is a bunch of untrustable clowns.

Are you prepared for the romance of your life?
Not if you’re blind to a woman or man you make your husband or wife.

Are you prepared to give everything you know?
Not for any particular reason, and definitely not for show
But giving everything not because you have to but because you want to

Are you prepared to follow the path set ahead for you?
Without having a forward looking vision you never know if it’s true

Being prepared is always top of the line and always on my mind
I am true and honest, loving and kind

I put forth the effort and take things for what I can
I no longer let others use me, that makes me more of a man

I see things for what they are no longer blinded by lies
If you ever get to know the true me you’ll see it in my eyes

When you make life’s decision to see how you fared
Someone might to ask you the question “Are You prepared”?

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