part 2  

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3/30/2006 9:18 pm
part 2

she could tell that she was starting to really arouse her as she could hear him moan softly in her ear when they arrive at the nxt level they both happend to be getting off on the same one which happends to be the parking garage he asks her would u like to go somewhere and have alot of fun she says sure why not ive got nothing else to do and ya already have my pussy moistend wet and im starting to get slightly aroused as well as they approach her car he says o really now I guess im gonna have to find out for myself huh he turns her around and lifts her onto the side of her car where she sits with her legs hanging off the car he reaches up between her legs under her skirt and gently moves her panties aside just enough to where he can feel her wetness even more with still being discreet so if someone walks buy or drives buy they couldnt tell what they were doing he gently takes one finger and runs is across the clit of her pussy as he whispers to her I notice u keep a nice clean shaved pussy she respondes with a silent yes he finally finds the spot inside of her dripping wet pussy to where he knows he will be able to please her just enough to make her want more and just enough for them to be able to make it where they are gonna go he then ask so where would you like to continue this at she respondes how abt my place its just about three miles down the street would u like to follow me or ride with me he says how about I follow u then I can just leave from your place that is if you want me to leave aftr we have our fun he follows her to her place and follows her inside as she walks inside he notices how long her hair is and how beautiful it is and how it makes her look sexy as well she asks him if hed like something to drink and he says yes she walks over to the living room and says help yourself to the bar ill go slip into something a lil more comfy and join you for a drink while im doing that pls feel free to make yourself a lil more comfortable feel free to turn the tv on or turn the radio on ill be back in a jiff he watches as she leaves the room and decides to make them both a drink and turn the radio on to some nice soft music looks around and finds some candles and lights them as well he also pulls the curtains and leaves them slightly open just a bit for just a lil bit of the sunlight can still come in the room. She apprears a few mins later with her hair still up and wearing a nice while silky with lace across the bodice of it he comments on how sexy she looks as she says i see u made urself at home he says yes i hope u dont mind she says no thats what i told ya to do isnt it silly he also says here I made u a drink hope u like it she takes a drink and says a long island ice tea yes thnxs that was sweet of you to do. aftr sitting for a lil bit with her legs drapped ovr his on the couch she says ooh i like this song will you dance with me he replies sure i thought youd nvr ask , she reaches out to him and he gets up off the couch as they are dancin in each othrs arms he continues to carese the sides of her breast with brushes against the front of her breast as well arousing her nipples yet onced again. Aftr a few mins she says why dont we take this into the bedroom when they reach the bedroom he notices that she has candles lit in there as well and soft music playing in there as well she stretches and says boys my body is achy you know what would be nice about right now he replies no what she replies a nice hot bubble bath he says ok and yes that does sound nice so she takes him buy the hand into her bathroom and he notices that she has a garden tub which is plenty of room for two ppl to sit in comfortably and not be cramped she runs the water and adds the bubble bath and he notices that she has candles in the bathroom as well and he comments you really like candles dont you she replies yes I do hope u dont mind this just kinda helps me unwind from a long day he replies no not at all she slippes outta her nighty and into the bathtub she invites him to join her and he says sure thing he sildes in behind her and she leans back into him as he wraps his legs around her they bask in the warmth of the bath for about 10 mins when she says ok im nice and relaxed now are u ready for something else he replies yes she stands up and puts the shower on so that they can rinse off from the bubble bath, aftrwards she hands him a towel and wraps herself in one as well and they go back into the bedroom where she walks ovr and sits down on the bed and pats it and says c'mere and sit down next to me when he sits down next to her she kneals down in front of him and starts to massage the inside of his leg and gently starts to massage the head of his cock as he becomes aroused she then begins to place light butterfly kisses across the head of his cock he moans oooh baby I like that she then begins to gently take each inch of his slightly hard cock into her mouth and begins to suck on it at first she sucks softly then begins to suck harder and harder untill she knows that hes just abt at his boiling point so she then suggest would u like to titty fuck me he replies gruffly OH YES GAWD YES CMERE BABY sit on ur bed and let me fuck those beautiful tits of urs as he does this she knows that she has had him worked into such a frenzy that she knew it wouldnt be long before he came aftr a few mins of him titty fucking her and each time the tip of it reached the top of her boobs she would lick the tip of his now swollen and very hard cock enough to make him shoot his load within the next few mins as he lets out a loud OH GAWD YES BABY IM GONNA CUM on those nice big tits of yours she just leans in and lets him cum all ovr her tits. She then leans back on the bed and he falls down next to her and says damn baby that was good she says yes hun it was. aftr they lay there for a few mins he says are u ready for ur pleasure now baby she says sure he says ok prop urself up in the bed and get comfy baby cause im gonna make u cum like you have nevr cum before he reaches up and begans to caress her tits and nipples and then he places light soft wet kisses on each of them making sure to pay close detail to each nipple as he does so she lets out soft moans of pleasure and he whispers u like that dont u baby she replies with a soft sexy yes he then begins to place soft kisses down her stomace and down each thigh and back up each one as he stops to caress her wetness in between her legs he lets his fingers slide in and out of her soft wetness for a few mins before he places kisses upon her wet and hard clit thats just begging for attn he askes her what she wants she replies i want you to eat my pussy he says i cant hear you baby tell me what u really want she says louder I WANT YOU TO EAT MY PUSSY he replies oh really now how about I do this and he blows on her clit she respondes with an arching back and says YESSSSSS he says oh u like that huh baby she replies mmmhmm he then takes the tip of his tounge and flicks her now even more wet clit letting it run across it for just a few mins she archs her back and says OOOHHHH he replies you want more huh she says oh pls yes he says then tell me what u really want she replies I WANT U TO BE A DIRTY CUNT EATER he says damn baby u know what you want as he spreads her lips apart and starts to lick and suck on each and every inch of her pussy stopping to pay plenty of attention to her even wetter clit and letting it slip inside of the wetness of her pussy he then takes two fingers and slips them inside of her with the tips curled up to hit her g-spot she moans with pleasure and begins to fuck herself with his fingers he begins to suck even harder on her clit he can now feel her starting to climax as she begins to moan even louder YESSS oh YESSSS OO_00 im gonna cum oh baby yes oh baby oh baby YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS she wraps her legs around his head and he continues to lick and suck and lick and suck untill she comes again ovr and ovr and ovr untill she cant take ne more her legs go limp and he crawls up nxt to her and lays beside her on the bed she snuggles up against him and they drift off to sleep when he wakes up he notices that shes no longer laying nxt to him and spots an extra robe laying on a chair in the bedroom he slips it on and finds her in the kitchen cooking some food with her back to him at the stove he walks in quietly and puts his arms around her and kisses her on his neck and turns her around to face her and says well baby did I make ur fantasy come true she replies yes you did and I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH Thank You

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