London Weekend  

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10/19/2005 9:43 am

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London Weekend

While stationed in Madrid, Spain i was fortunate enough to travel all over Europe and Africa. I was sent to England for training to a base called Mildenhaul with a buddy of mine. We spent 4 weeks at the base learning how to repair aircraft. But on the weekends, we got as far from there as we could. One suck weekend we ventured to London.
John and I hopped on a train for London. We immediately got a room at a B and B, near Victoria Station, through down our things and set out for the sights. We did all of the tourist stuff; Picadilli Circus, SOHO, Hyde Park, and of course Buckingham Palace. But it was the Tower of London that changed the weekend for the better.
Upon arriving at the tower tour we noticed a couple of very attractive tourists a few spots ahead of us. They were both around 19 or 20, long brown hair and great bodies. Since it was summer in London, everyone had on sweaters so we couldnt really tell much.
As the tour rambled through the Tower, the guide describing where the various "heads" of state met their demise, we noticed the two girls checking our direction quite often. This was a good sign.
John and I decided to take the initiative and found the girls to be very receptive to our offer of joining forces. (I've found that Americans in a foreign land already have a lot in common so it makes for easy introductions.)
We found out that they were both on vacation from South Carolina and spending a few weeks backpacking around Europe. We quickly partnered up with me getting shorter of the two (it figures, at 6-3 Im always more attractive to short women).
After spending the afternoon completing our tour of London we retired to their room (apparently they have some money because their suite was much better than our B and B.) we didnt argue. No sooner did we get in the room and the girls let us know their intentions. I mean, all day and evening we got a lot of hints but this made it crystal clear. They wanted to get some American cock.
My eyes almost bugged from my head when I saw the shape of the "little" girl I'd been hand-holding all day. At least C cups if not bigger and perfectly flat belly. My cock instanly grew thicker and longer with approval. it didnt go unnoticed because she quickly undid my pants to let it free.
As I was getting the royal treatment, my buddy was already get head by the other girl on the bed. As he layed on his back, i could see her head, with her hair flowing, pistoning up and down with a fury I've not seen before. It's like these girls had never had cock before. John moved his body further up onto the bed to give his "attacker" more room to play. As he did, she straddled his legs with her on her knees spread wide so her pussy lips parted and everyone could tell just how excited she was.
My action quickly moved to a chair in the corner of the room. My girl had noticed the action as well and told me to sit so I could watch while she took care of me. I was in heaven. I've never been in the company of such horny girls before.
The smells and sounds of sex permeated the room and, I'm sure, into the corridor outside the room. Finally, I decided to take charge of our action and reversed positioned with my girl so that she was now sitting in my chairwith her legs draped over either arm. I pulled her ass to me so I could spread her pussy lips tight. I buried my face in her dripping snatch as quickly as I could. her hands immedidately dug into my hair, pulling my face tighter to her pussy. My tonge worked deep in her while my lips sucked her gorgeous pussy lips and clit to full erection. I sucked her clit and flicked it occassionaly with my tongue. She screamed in ecsatcy before she came the first of many times.
The action on the bed had stopped for a moment to watch us. For about fifteen minutes all eyes were on me eating this incredible pussy. Then the night got better...
I felt pressure on my left shoulder and when I looked up, the other girl was kneeling beside me. She had the most erotic look on her face and I wasn't about to argue. She bent over and began by kissing me full on the lips, licking every drop of her girlfriends cunt juices from my mouth. Then she went right for the source. She began by licking her ass hole. She stuck her tonuge in her tight ass so deep i thought it would cum out of her mouth. My cock, which I thought was very hard, grw by another half - it almost hurt it was so swollen.
As i began to move away, my girl motioned for all of us to join them. Well you didnt have to tell us twice and immediately she had a girls mouth in her ass, my tongue in her pussy, and John's cock in her mouth. This was the definition of heaven.
We worked on her for about 15 or 20 minutes, through about 10 orgasms. We then moved to the bed and got a lot more comfortable. Thats when the party really started.
We took turns eating, fucking, kissing the girls. And the girls did the same, which included each other. I'd never seen a girl-on-girl live before so I was fascinated my the emotion and passion between them. At one point John and I sat back and just watched as the two girls devoured each other in a classic 69. We capatilized on the postion by fucking them while they were both suck clits. Our cocks perfectly meshed into the action allowing their tongues to taste our cocks as we pumped in and out of their pussies.
At about 3 in the morning we all fell asleep in a wet pile of human sex. we all held each other until about 10 am when John and I were awoke by another round of tongues on our cocks. (nothing like getting head to wake you up) After getting us off, they shared the booty between them.

The girls quickly showered and explaned that they were longtime girlfriends in the lesbian sense and came on vacation to try new things. I guess my assessment of never having cocks before was correct. They dressed and packed but told us to keep the room until we decided to leave. Since John and I were in no condition to argue (we were exhausted) we decided to remain.

We got our kiss goodbye and off they went, back to South Carolina and the rest of their lives. John and I headed back to Mildenhaul that afternoon, and although we didnt speak about it on the train, anyone that sas us knew we had a great time im London that weekend.

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