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10/18/2005 4:09 pm

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Car Sex

One of my hottest sexual experiences was when I traveled to Germany to visit a good friend, Danny, and his wife Cindy. They were stationed in Sembach, Germany and invited me up for a weeks vacation.
I had originally met Dan and Cindy when they came down to Spain to stay with mutual friends. I could tell they liked to "party" from the moment I first saw Cindy sitting on the floor, Indian-style, sans panties. In fact it took me a moment to realize that she wasnt wearing flesh colored panties and was infact naked.
Cindy was gorgeous. Blonde hair and the lightest blue eyes I've ever seen. B-cup creast and the most awesome J-Lo ass ever. And becasue I had already seen it, I knew she had the blondest bush Ive ever seen.
We all partied, clubbed, danced, and drank for three days straight. When they went back to Germany, I was told that I was welcome to stay with them if I ever ventured north. You can't imagine how quickly you can pack when given that type of invitation, however, I was not scheduled a vacation (leave) for a couple more months.
About two months later I got a hop to Germany and met Danny at the airport near Frankfurt, Germany. He drove me to their house about an hour away and, of course, we talked the whole time about the fun they had had in Spain.
Danny told me that Cindy was really looking forward to my arrival because of all the fun we had. That night, after Cindy got off work, we all went out to a local night club. We danced and drank until about 3 or 4 the next morning. Cindy was very intoxicated and had no qualms of telling me that she got very excited when we first met and she knew I had seen her pussy. As I got in the back seat, expecting her to sit up front with her husband. Instead, she followed me. I guess Danny was expecting this because he just shut the door behind her and got in the drivers seat.
Before we even got out of hte parking lot, Cindy had her hands on my chest and began kissing my right ear. Sucking my ears and licking my neck, you can imagine the buldge that began in my loosely fitting pants. It took very little time for Cindy to find it. She began sucking me through my pants, hard and long. Danny noticed the activity going on and tried to disuade her until we got home, but Cindy was not stopping. Her hands cupped my cock through my pants and after about ten minutes of this she pulled my cock free.
My hands had a mind of thier own, finding her very wet cunt, I was fingering her furiously with, first one finger, then more as we drove. Cindy was on fire and I was doing everything I could to help fuel the flames.
By now she had my cock out and it found the back of her throat immediately. Her hands were there jsut to move my pants from her way and her mouth suctioned my cock in and out. Occassionally her tongue would dart out and lick my balls and her mouth engulfed my entire cock.
I don't know how Danny was able to continue driving since we were making so much noise and commotion in the back seat.
I finally pulled off her panties, laid down betheath her and started devouring her incredible pussy. It was like candy, she tasted so good I never wanted anything else in my mouth. I know she came at least four times because I was soaked with her juices all the way down my face, neck, and shirt.
She turned around and found her soppy wet cunt with one thrust and I was in her. She sat straight down on my cock til I thought she had swalled my legs inside her. Cindy pounded me for the remainder of the trip home, about 1/2 hour...
When we got home her husband and I took turns fucking this little minx until well after sunrise. She took a cock in each hole, got double fucked and took loads of our cum.

It was one of the most incredible fucks Ive ever experieinced.

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10/18/2005 5:46 pm

tell us more!! very hot!

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