Finding The Fakes (Part 2)  

SC_BO_Loverman 42M
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4/22/2006 9:48 am

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4/29/2006 7:30 pm

Finding The Fakes (Part 2)

You can be sure that there are many fake profiles on AdultFriendFinder... As I explained in first segment, I just dont know why AdultFriendFinder allows them to exist for so long (unless they have an interest in ensuring that they remain for things like porn site advertising - hence the possible reason for the date last signed in of "Today"). Again, I want to stress that just because people have the EXACT same profile (including spelling and grammar errors) does not necessarily mean that they are fake, does it?

I found a complete set of profiles before (see post #1 below). Here is the latest profile that I found:

I want to orgasm like a schoolgirl. I want my knees to tremble with anxiousness for that cock. Im cute, ready and open to anything. Send me your email and well take it from there!
My Ideal Person:
I'm Looking for a guy that just wants to fuck. I love men that have pretty eyes for me to look in to when I get off, He needs to have a nice ass for me to hold on to while he is raming his dick in my pussy and the best for last big arms just to get me turned on and ready to fuck.

Members with profiles found that include the exact text above include the following: (photos disappear when the profile is removed)

juicy_gurlie291 juicy_gurlie291
23/F Sun City Center, Florida

ltl_chick575 ltl_chick575
23/F Palm Springs, California

bunnygirly1906 bunnygirly1906
23/F Cleveland, Ohio

super_angel6006 super_angel6006
23/F Burke, Virginia

wild430midnite wild430midnite
23/F Arivaca, Arizona

ltl53818whatever ltl53818whatever
23/F West Palm Beach, Florida

cutehoney8221 cutehoney8221
23/F Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

soft4805cutie soft4805cutie
23/F Reynoldsburg, Ohio

cute_sex4557 cute_sex4557
23/F Fishers Island, New York

Remember that these are only the members that I clicked on to view. There are likely many others. This time, however, it appears that 23 is the age of choice and everyone magically again signs in within 5 minutes of each other! Let's see just how long this set of profiles lasts (the last set came down within 2 days).

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
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4/22/2006 12:06 pm

i think most of the fakes are here to try to get you to pay for something .. like, it's not a hobby for them ... more likely a sleazy guy hopin to make money off a scam??

It's almost as bad as faking orgasms .. almost, lol. Funny i mentioned that .... how u gonna fake a SQuirting type orgasm anyhow?


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