Building The Network of Friends  

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4/15/2006 5:41 am

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Building The Network of Friends

As of this writing, I have a friend's network in the neighborhood of 240 people. While not in any way comparable to those that have 15000 or even 2000, I'm pretty happy with the set of friends that are included.

The whole concept of a friend's list is interesting to me. Why do we make the choices that we make and for whom are those choices actually made? When one is self-aware of the process, then the process itself can be fun. I absolutely love the international nature of the network system...take a look at the beauties in my network from all over the world. They really are an impressive group of beauties...I would cam with each and every one of them and would not hesitate to introduce them to my friends.

The question that remains unanswered for me is if the friend's list is a reflection of yourself and your likes/dislikes to others. Is the fact that i am a "ass man" apparent in my friend's list? I've also been thinking more and more about meeting a woman with a small and large breasts, is this obvious? What does my friends list tell others about me? Think about it and/or share your thoughts in the comments...

I maintain two profiles - one is a personal profile (SC_BO_Loverman) and the other is a "cam only" couples profile (SC_BO_Couple) Before your thoughts race to a place that they should not, I never cam alone because that is no fun for me or frankly for you. If the cam is on, I always have at least one other person with me in order to "give the people what they want". Usually, my friends and I are screwing for 3-4 hours at a time on thats fun, but I digress..

As a personal rule, all of the friends that I invite on the Loverman profile have photos that I find personally interesting. The photos can change or be removed over time, but at the time of the invite, they certainly are attractive to me. I seldom invite people into my Loverman network that dont have photos even if that means having a smaller this case, quality matters more than size We accept all invites on the SC_BO_Couple, women, whatever....and we use that network to message when we will again be on cam.

I do want to say that women looking for women tend to have far more creative and interestingly erotic photos. I also like to invite people that are likely to have interesting albums with lots of hot photos (hey, I'm a horny guy...what else can i say?). So far, I've beeen running at a 3:1 accept to decline ratio for the invites.

With two exceptions, all of those in the Loverman network list are ostensibly women or MF couples (although I'm sure that a fair share of men are masquerading as both). I spend about 15-20 minutes looking at profiles and selecting the best that I can find. As a result, my list has grown by about 200 people in the last week. Though I always think that I can tell if someone will accept, I still am usually surprised (no matter the person or type of photo involved)

i just started accepting invites to the SC_BO_Couple profile and we received 112 in one day. We must have done things right on cam.

The only network invites that I have ever received to date on the Loverman profile are all from men. Perhaps this is because my "figs" are clearly visible in my profile photo or because I am currently high on the most networked/invited lists...i'm not sure but lately the invites from other men have been rising. Unfortunately, all have been declined as I'm not just trying to add numbers.

Are you a woman or couple that think that you have a hot profile photo? Send me a network invite to just might be surprised and be included....

***Edited on 16 April to include comments about the SC_BO_Couple network***

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