[size 6]Finding The Likely Fake Profiles... [/size]  

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4/17/2006 5:21 am

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[size 6]Finding The Likely Fake Profiles... [/size]

**19 April Update: When the photos disappear from the below list, the profile has been removed...looks like someone is catching on
**17 April Update: changed quotes to red

Wow a quick blog entry in the [blog manorubber] blog got me thinking about fake profile entries. So, this morning I decided to spend no more than 15 minutes using the technique that I described in his blog. In short, i was astounded. After more thought, I realized that i dont understand the business model involved. When they ask for outside emails, I can understand that (even if I am morally opposed to it) - there can be a great deal of money made in selling live email addys...but the whole "generous gentleman in the local area" when that person isnt even in the local area...I dont get it.

**Note that I am not saying that the below entries are fake but they share some suspicious similarities as of the time of this writing. Identical profiles are noted...also different photos of the same person are shared across many of the entries.

Here are the results from my 15 minutes of informal investigation at about 6:30am:

Common Profile #1

I'm not going to lie, I LOVE sex and thats all I'm here for. Looking for GENEROUS men in the local area. If your not generous, please move on, I'm not interested. if you are, I will blow your mind!!! and something else!!! Fact is I love sucking on nice big hard dicks. I'm POSITIVE that many of you wil find out just how much!
My Ideal Person:
GENEROUS and clean, with a nice hard cock for me to suck and fuck. Everything else doesnt really matter.

People signing on in that 15 minute space that shared this profile are as follows:

happy_flirt2091 happy_flirt2091 22/F Fresh Meadows, New York

prettyflirt1674 prettyflirt1674
22/F Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

juicy_cutie0409 juicy_cutie0409
22/F Cupertino, California

soft_cutie535 soft_cutie535
22/F Cleveland, Ohio

hot11152vixn hot11152vixn
22/F San Antonio, Texas

juicymadame9207 juicymadame9207
22/F Houston, Texas

juicy_cutie0409 juicy_cutie0409
ltl456flirt 22/F North Las Vegas, Nevada

hot11152vixn hot11152vixn
super1217midnite 22/F Arlington, Texas

pretty4786madame pretty4786madame
22/F Stone Park, Illinois

shy_baby7634 shy_baby7634
22/F Richardson, Texas

sugar10440cutie sugar10440cutie
22/F Whittier, California

hot72075madame hot72075madame
22/F Bryn Mawr, California

prettynite144 prettynite144
22/F Grosse Ile, Michigan

sugargirly7518 sugargirly7518
22/F Miami, Florida

20 April Update: (ran across this one)

girlslookin4fun2 girlslookin4fun2
21/F Poughkeepsie, New York

Common Profile #2

Hey there. I am hoping to find a man to hang out with, and to get close to sexualy. I promise there will be no strings attached, and that you won't regret it. I am very fun, and I like to entertain, if you know what I mean. If you want to get to know me a little better drop me a line and I'll get back to you soon.. Drop me a message and tell me about yourself and include email address.
My Ideal Person:
I want a man that loves to have a good time...I think that sex is the most important thing in a relationship..If you don't have good sex I think eventually your relationship will fall apart..I really love a man that takes care of me..I have a great job when I mean take care of me I mean sexually..I will do anything for a man that has the ability to give me multiple orgasms..

*Note the same typo exists in all these profiles*

People signing on in that 15 minute space that shared this profile are as follows:

ltl_cutie6732 ltl_cutie6732
22/F Caldwell, New Jersey

ltl74406baby ltl74406baby
22/F Manchaca, Texas

super50952cutie super50952cutie
22/F Salt Lake City, Utah

Common Profile #3

I am secure and happy with myself, but... life is meant for 2! A little bit about me, I enjoy traveling when I get the time, especially on the spot weekend getaways, comedy clubs, music and celebrating special occasions. I am self-sufficient, independant, honest, I have a great sense of humor, and family and friends are very important to me. A man who only has eyes for me and can make me laugh are important qualities! No Pressure here. would like to spice up your sex life with a luscious chick? So if you like what you've read so far then drop me a line with your email sometime, please be original.
My Ideal Person:
I am looking for a generous gentleman that is not indecisive and knows what he wants without question or doubt. He must be sure within himself and very distinctive when it comes to the value of a woman.

People signing on in that 15 minute space that shared this profile are as follows:

juicy710angel juicy710angel
22/F Ojai, California

ltlchick004 ltlchick004
22/F Tucson, Arizona

Common Profile #4

Most of the time I like to hang out with friends and party. I like wild sex late at night and early in the morning. I am probably as horney as you. I love rock and roll, I love listening to good music and partying with friends that is my favorite thing to do. If you think this sounds fun and might want to get in on some action, let me know. I could use some new wild action from a man. Drop me a message and tell me about yourself and include email.
My Ideal Person:
Interested in finding a straight man who is very discreet and respectful. I want to meet you first, then see if there is mutual chemistry and go from there. I want a man who understands the importance of foreplay for a woman. I like a partner that can be aggressive and can also let me lead. Prefer one-on-one sex but may be open to more if the situation were right.

People signing on in that 15 minute space that shared this profile are as follows:

[photo lovy4422angel] lovy4422angel
21/F Oakdale, New York

21/F Sacramento, California

Again, these all may be real people but they somehow share the exact same profile. The database admin for this site could find all of these exactly matching profiles with a simple script written in about 5 minutes...so why don't they?

Have you found other examples?

bellhead2006 45M  
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11/2/2006 2:18 pm

yeah,these fake profiles are bullshit.The adminastrators should have something in the agreement saying they can cancel a profile without refund if this occurs.It is time consuming having to sift through bogus profiles.a waste.I agree with you totally.

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