"Get Over Your Damn Self!"  

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4/19/2006 2:26 am

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4/29/2006 7:40 pm

"Get Over Your Damn Self!"

Little did I realize that a clearly tongue in cheek blog post would result in a ugly rant from an otherwise very popular AdultFriendFinder blogger.

What's funny is that she portends to know that I am an "asshat" from my profile pic and the 10 or so clearly tongue-in-cheek words that I posted. It's ok, don't worry, I actually slept fine last night and will continue to do so.

Should I really take any comments, feedback and/or opinions seriously from someone that:

- writes in her blog that she hates all penis pics ...yet sadly remains blogging for readers in an environment filled with...err...umm...penis pics.

- writes double digit postings in a AdultFriendFinder blog every weekday over a sustained period of time. Nothing screams "issues" and "insecurity" like 10-14 posts to a ranting blog day after day. The other alternative is that you actually have important things to say. Are you kidding me? Is it that the LA Times isn't hiring or they just aren't hiring you?

- suddenly declares that she is having relationship problems as a result of blogging too much. Cry me a river.... It's amazing that a 40 year old woman that supposedly has her shit together could hold down a relationship at all when her otherwise clearly superior writing talents devolve into days of remarkably similar myspace-esque rants about everyone else having issues. News flash: Blogging has nothing to do with you being a bitch (your words, not mine) and when everyone else seems to have the problem, maybe .. just perhaps, the problem is you. Some people just have issues - others likely have subscriptions. The Squeaky Fromm reference has me particularly worried about what's really going on in that coconut. You can't even seem to balance the apparently important things in your life with the time that you spend oozing venom on a damn sex blog as a standard member. Oh, and can the blog really be the most important thing for you if you cant even shell out the few bucks a month for a paid membership? Perhaps that apartment that finally smells better at 40 than it did at 20 is too much for your budget... An apartment? At 40? Again, kudos for your ability to keep your priorities like relationships and home ownership in order. You don't even need to google idiot test...we've already got a good handle on the results.

- has a nude photo of herself on her own profile and yet rants at me because i have one. I've read your blog and know that you hate penis photos - thats your perogative. But really no one asked you your opinion - just like no one asked me mine. No one cares...about you or about me. When some critical mass of people start calling you at 3 in the morning asking about your thoughts on important issues, don't worry, no one else will care. Hate my pic or love my pic, it's my photo..your particular opinions can and should be important to you but ultimately mean nothing to me or anyone else. Like I said, I've lost no sleep over this one.

- desperately tries to continue to convince her readership over multiple blog posts that at 40 she is still hot. Never mind that the post that I responded to centered around an inability to get a quickie on a given night (what? people don't want to be around you anymore after they get you in their logbooks? I'm shocked.) You may well still be hot at 40 but ...err ...umm...I think that some lack of self-esteem may be showing.

Sorry to deprive you of the attention and entertainment that you so desperately crave by not responding on your own blog but sometimes life does not revolve around you or your opinions. If, as you say, your blog is meant to entertain, it's working. I'm entertained despite your feeble attempt to be hurtful. What you dont realize is that people may not be laughing at you, they might just be laughing near you. The rants on your blog are entertaining in the same way that people slow down to view traffic accidents or watch LA car chases. Perhaps it is time to post a poll to drive more readership...

You should really try to be more positive in your life. Caution: that may involve actually getting a life outside of AdultFriendFinder as a prerequisite. Life is too short to be spending all day in an environment that does not make one happy. What is saddest of all is that you are at the point of realizing that your life is a mess...your readers have known for some time. Sleep well...


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