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5/1/2006 8:07 am

So I had a surprisingly pleasant trip to Corpus despite some hurdles to overcome.

I wasn't feeling particularly well, and I was exhausted. But I got to Corpus and met up with a wonderful girl from here on AdultFriendFinder. She's 20 and lives only about 80-90 minutes from my house, which is awesome.

So after some minor drama at my room(I was alone, and lost my keys while changing - they ended up underneath my sink) and running a little bit late, we went out for dinner, and talked the whole time. Let's hear it for women who can talk - they're my favorite kind, which I realize is very different than most guys I know. We went and played some pool, where she beat me 4 times in a row. I really lost too - I'm not very good at pool despite enjoying it immensely.

We went back to my hotel, and sat around and talked for a bit - I'm not one for idle chitchat, especially when there is fucking to be done, but she has a clue - bright and brilliant women kick ass. Things took a turn for more fun shortly thereafter.

Holy shit could she suck dick. Now, I've gotten a lot of head in my days, some from girls who probably were in all star contests and halls of fame, too. If this wasn't the best head I've ever had, it was pretty goddamn close. I could only let her for about 2 minutes before I had to fuck her. Normally when I'm getting a blowjob, I last at least 30-45 minutes. Weooow.

I came almost as soon as we started, but luckily I've been working on my ability to 'cum and fuck' and just keep going. It worked, thankfully, I'd hate to let her down! I did take a break after awhile, but we got back to it shortly thereafter. After just a little bit, her legs were actually quaking and quivering she was having so much fun - I was not only having a great time, but proud of myself too!

I was exhausted - by this point I had been up for something like 22 hours and had been working and/or driving for about 15-16 of them. We hung out and talked and curled up for awhile. Then we fucked some more. Doggy style noises rock, period.

Finally, it was 1:30 am, and she had work at 4, and I had work at like 7, so we parted ways. The rest of my trip sucked, but you made my day.

Can't wait for the next time I get to go travelling.


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