Beachy keenness!  

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6/6/2005 8:36 am

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Beachy keenness!

So I took Friday off of work, I decided that I needed a vacation. So Friday, I lounged about the house and did NOTHING. Thursday I had cleaned my entire apartment, so that was awesome. M----- and I decided to go to the beach on Saturday, so we got all our necessary supplies on Friday, and checked the weather etc. We headed down to Port Aransas Saturday morning, and set up camp at the Mustang Island State Park.

It was a perfect day for the beach, warm, sunny, lots of hotties out and about. The state park actually had two really really cute girls working there, but since I had M----- with me, I couldn't exactly proposition them right then. She doesn't take kindly to me straying in front of her, especially on our getaway trips.

I also was getting eyed by a cute woman who was there with her husband when M----- was off by herself swimming, but due to the presence of the hubby, nothing came of that other than some googly eyes and big grins.

However, we got the tent set up quickly, and swam for quite awhile. She barely even sunburned! (so hard for a redhead with skin like thaht). I got some color back in my skin, which is nice. I'm blessed with my father's skin, which is olive, but since I work indoors all the time, I tend to be pretty pale. I'm starting to feel pretty good about how I look nowadays though, what with the exercise and all.

We got the fire going about 530ish or so, and I improvised a spit smoker rack out of some coathangers we had in the truck, go go gadget macguyver, and roasted some sausages. I'd been eating the "magic brownies" I made the night before all day, and then I sparked up and we had really fantastic sex in the tent. Lots of making out in the ocean. Mmmmmm.

Random side note here: I've been working on my baking skills lately. I'm a very good cook, and I'm experimenting with how to include my favorite intoxicant in my baked goods. As someone who weighs 135 lbs, I don't eat too much, but I love to cook. This butter recipe didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, but the blonde brownies tasted awesome anyways...
If you want to try some, drop me a line, I have two more zip loc bags full of them, and I'm always looking for people to eat my munchies and hang out with.

Back to the topic at hand. We got some more firewood, and were preparing to make some smores, but then got frisky and took off behind some dunes to get frisky in the sand... Sand everywhere. Then it started to storm. We had that tent packed up and everything ready to go in 12 minutes. The lightning storm reminded me of home, back in FL, when it would storm all night. We drove all the way back and vegged out yesterday.

Lessons learned: 20% chance of rain is still a chance at raining on your proverbial parade. Need new magic butter recipe. I alone can not eat 2 full batches of brownies. The KY silky lube is FANTASTIC. It lubes and still lets you feel all the wonderful bits. I highly recommend it.

And the last lesson learned:

Go to the state park by myself or with a more open minded girl at some point.

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