The mind kiss  

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5/15/2006 11:46 am
The mind kiss

I have no limitations, only exceptions and I'm cooler than the other side of the pillow (most of the time).
I'm funky to say the least, and all about family to say the most and on my planet the atmosphere is pressure and expectation free during all experiences(ladies).
rather than attempt to write things I think you want to read, or say things I think you want to hear, I'd rather have a genuine exchange.

Sex is currency, theres no such things as boyfriend&girlfriend, and dating is more of a storefront operation than the current presedential administration

Women want to make men (better), and men are waiting for something (better) to come along.

Everybody seems to want something from someone in a relationship, until they get it.

My last date was over 3 years ago. She talked for over 2 hours about how independant she was so I asked if she was born with a twin attatched to her ass.

No one has the upper hand, no one wears the pants and there are no secrets on how to keep the romance burning.

Men and women can be friends and if they ever plan on being anything else to one another, they better start that way.

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