The Secretary  

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4/23/2006 10:42 am

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The Secretary

For many months I had watched you. The way that you would shift your legs while sitting at your desk, how that one long golden strand of hair fell out of its bun from time to time. You are so very sexy.

I, being a widower and wasn’t really looking to get back into the dating circuit, needed a secretary for my new law firm. You were the first woman who came in and applied and I had no doubt that I’d hire you. I was attracted to you as soon as you strolled into my office.

You weren’t too interested in the dating scene, either. You made it perfectly clear that you were happy being single and wanted no man in your life. But you would often throw me subtle looks and hints of what you really wanted and desired.

I had a charity ball to attend and needed a date. To my surprise, you accepted. We danced and sipped champagne all night. We talked to each other and discovered that we had much in common. I took you to a mountain overlook and we watched the city and talked for hours. Feeling that I could no longer hold myself back from your soft lips, I took hold of your face and kissed you. You responded with the same hot desire and before I knew it, we were all over each other. I asked you if I could take you back to my condo and you accepted.

I grabbed a couple of glasses and another bottle of champagne and a box of strawberries. I found you standing in front of the window, looking out at the city. The way you stood there, holding your gaze, and watching the cars drive by, I just had to smile. We sat in front of the fireplace, sipping and sampling the evening’s rewards, and all this time, my dick grew harder and harder for you.

I watched as you get up to view the city once more. I followed you and approached you from behind, images flooding my head of how delicious you would look bent over in front of the window with me sliding in and out of you. I lightly wrapped my hands around your waist. I felt you shiver and move in close against me, slightly rubbing against my cock. Softly kissing, then gently blowing on your neck, I told you how sexy you were tonight and thanked you for being my date. You turned around and looked into my eyes and just smiled. I proceeded to kiss your luscious lips, then down to nibble on your neck, bringing my lips up higher to your earlobes and teased it with my tongue. I could hear your breathing quicken and your body shake as my hands roamed up and cupped your sweet breasts.

And then I heard that one sound that makes my dick jump in my pants. You began to moan. I turned you around, and while I had you facing the window, I slowly ran my hands down from your breasts to your legs until you were bent over. Your small dress just barely covering your ass and I could see the black lace panties that peeked out from below. You looked so hot and inviting. Dropping to my knees in front of you, I could smell your sweet scent and wanted to taste it. With one hand on your ass, I kissed my way up your thighs and slowly rubbed your clit with the other. You could barely stand, legs shaking and fighting to stay up. In just a few short rubs, your panties were soaked and you begged me to finger you.

As I brought you down and had you face me, I pulled off your dress. Your body was so perfect. It was as I had always imagined; so tone and firm, slender and sexy and I often wondered just how tight you were. I often woke up out of a dead sleep, horny and wanting to fuck you. I had to pleasure myself so many times. But tonight, I knew I’d have you.

I had you straddle me, with your legs slightly open, feet planted on the floor, your sweet ass in my hands. As I kissed you, I unhooked your bra and let it fall to the floor. You didn’t seem to notice. Taking one breast in my hand, I kissed the hardened nipple, teasingly biting it, flicking it, sucking on it. Your whole body quaked and trembled as I put my hand down your panties. I felt a hot pool of cum and wanted to feel the source myself. With you kissing and grinding into me, I teased your wet hole with the tip of my finger. You gasped and tried to feel more, but I wouldn’t let you. I wanted to see just how wet I could get you. In no time at all, you were coming all over my finger and with that, I shoved it all the way. I felt you tighten up and wondered how I was ever going to get inside of you. With each push of my finger and me continually rubbing your hard clit, I had you screaming and getting tighter. Standing you up, I once again bent you over in front of the window. The city was really busy tonight and I wanted to fuck you as the cars drove by. I loved the idea that they could see us.

You began to push your ass against my hard member as I let my hands slide up and down your hips, holding you into place. I began to push my stiffening cock harder against the crack of your ass and caress your breasts, gently at first then more firmly as your moans and pants intensified. Because the temptation was too great and I wanted to play with your pussy more, I slowly inserted my finger inside the elastic band of your panties, then slid my finger down to your dripping pussy, parting those wet, dripping lips. After bringing you to a shattering climax, I licked your sweet honey from my drenched fingers and the gaze in your eyes told me you wanted a taste also. Just watching you lick and suck on my finger was enough for me.

Standing you up, I pulled off your panties and parted your legs. Your entire body was quivering and your legs were shaking as your knees continued to buckle. I placed my hands firmly on your tight ass and dropped my pants. I leaned in and inserted the tip of my throbbing dick and I once again felt you tighten up. All that made me want to do was be deeper inside of you. Grabbing your shoulders, I pulled up and thrusted my dick deep into your tight, hot pussy. I heard your fingernails scrape and claw at the window sill as I slowly pumped every inch of me into you. It seemed like you would never quit coming.

As we continued on, we could hear the honks and the beeps from the cars driving by and that just made me want to fuck you harder and faster. Hearing my balls slap against your ass and your screams and moans fueling my desire, in no time at all, I was filling your hot pussy with what felt like gallons of hot cum. Falling to the floor, I rolled you over on top of me. You have such a beautiful smile, a look of total contentment on your face. I was in amazement. We giggled, drank, talked and touched each other until the sun came up, just teasing and bringing each other to our own climaxes over and over again.

This time, we made it to the bedroom….

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