The Hot Tub  

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4/23/2006 10:12 am

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The Hot Tub

Going up to the mountains when there was still snow on the ground, but the weather was warm, was the most exciting vacation I could think of for us. We both deserved a break from the crazy city life and decided to just do it. As we drove up there, I remembered that we had a hot tub installed but we couldn’t use it because we were leaving the next day. Scheduling problems caused the service man to be late. We promised ourselves that we would use that as soon as we got there.

As we unloaded the truck, I just had to stand and watch you. Your sundress was almost see through in the sun and I saw the outline of your tight little body. I also noticed that you weren’t wearing anything underneath. I felt my member twitch from the sight of you. Each movement of your body sparked the naughty side of me.

We take our stuff into the cabin and unpack the luggage. You disappeared to the bathroom and I knew what you were doing. You were changing into your thong bikini. I went outside onto the porch and turned on the hot tub. It wouldn’t take long for the tub to heat up. Going back inside, I grabbed a few towels, the wine bottle and two glasses and headed out to the tub.

To my surprise, you were already in it. I watched as the small bubbles would land on your tanned skin, pop and melt away. You looked at me with your big blue eyes and I couldn’t resist. Dipping slowly down into the tub I felt the hot water all over my body. You come up to me and kiss me as I pour a glass of wine for you. I spark up the joint and we pass it between us until we’ve had enough.

Sliding up to me you start kissing my lips, deep, hard and passionate. I reached behind you and untied the top to your bikini. I felt your soft breasts against my chest, my nipples were as hard as a rock. I ran my hands over your small ass and pulled you onto my lap. Your kisses were hotter and it felt like they burned my lips.

I turned you around and had you face away from me. I held you in my lap and kissed the back of your neck, sometimes gently biting it and feeling you shudder against me. I reach around and massage your breasts, pinching your nipples. You wiggle your ass into my lap, causing my cock to throb. I slide my hand down the front of your bikini bottoms. Instantly I feel the warmth that I love so much. My finger plays with your swollen clit and you grind into me more with each flick. I can hardly hear your pants over the bubbling water. Suddenly you arch your back and lean hard into me. I felt your body shake uncontrollably and your chest heaving.

I grab onto your hips and sit you on the edge of the hot tub. Pulling at the little ties on the side, I pull the bikini down and off of your body. I couldn’t tell if you were cold or just turned on because as I licked my way up inside your inner thigh, your legs were quivering. I had to wrap my hand around your thighs just to keep that beautiful pussy in one place. The sun shining on it made your lips glisten and shine. They looked soaked with cum and I couldn’t wait to lick it all off. I dipped lower into the water so I could get closer to licking your hot dripping box. As I got closer and closer, I blew hot air on you. I watched as your legs opened wider. Opened only for me. My mind raced at the things I loved about you. I thought of how sweet you tasted on my lips. How sexy and tight your body is underneath mine. The way you move when I touch you, or lick you or make love to you. I had to have you now.

Taking a long breath, I wrapped my lips around yours and darted my tongue in and out of your tight little box. Moaning from the sweet taste, I felt your muscles grab onto my tongue and squeeze. I teased you by gently rubbing the tip of my finger in and around your dripping hole. Just hearing your moans of pleasure and feeling you rock against my finger has almost sent me over the edge. The faster I finger you, the quicker you come. And that’s just you did.

I lifted you down on my lap, facing me so I could look into your eyes. I gently slide you down onto my throbbing cock and the lower you went, the tighter you got. I feel you rock against me and watching the waves in the hot tub and watching you, turned me on more than anything. Your movements quicken and I can feel you tighten up. You’re going to cum and knowing that I grab onto your hips and hold you down. I suddenly feel you climax and I hear screams of pleasure. You’re begging me not to stop. How could I? You feel so good and so tight… Taste so sweet... I could never stop pleasing you. Never...

Just thinking of those thoughts made me harder. I grabbed onto your hips and began to pump you hard and quick. I hear your pants get faster and faster. I’m so close but I’m waiting for you. I want to feel your cum cover my cock. Feeling your pussy muscles tighten I couldn’t hold out much longer. I shot every bit of my love into you and held you there.

Slipping down into the water, I kissed you. Long, passionate, heated kisses. I loved having your body against mine. So soft and beautiful. The more I thought about you, the quicker my fingers began to roam....

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