The Feast  

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The Feast

When I asked you if you’d mind dressing up for dinner, you gave me kind of a quizzical look, “What? We never dress for dinner.” You didn’t say what you were thinking, but I could read it in your eyes, and was just barely able to contain my laughter, but I had no hopes of containing the smile that spread across my face as I watched your mind work. It was that smile which tipped my hand of course. My poker face was sucking big time, but I was still willing to bet on the hand I was dealing out. That goofy smile obviously helped you make up your mind, because with just a slight hesitation you replied.

“ Of course, honey. What did you have in mind for me to wear?”

Without another word, I simply took your hand and led you towards the bedroom. Stopping at the edge of the bed I wrapped my arms about you, and pulled you close. Kissing you softly at first, I let my hands wander down over your hips. You began flicking your tongue across my lips as the kiss developed, and I cupped your delicious little ass in my hands and pulled you tightly against my thigh, pressing you against the growing hardness there in my jeans. It took a good deal of willpower to pull myself away from that deep lingering kiss. But I did, just enough to move my lips to your neck. After a few moments of nuzzling and licking the delightful curves there, I half whispered in your ear between licks, “Lie back on the bed. I’m going to get some clothes out of the closet, and I want your opinion about what we should go with tonight”

Before pulling away and doing as I had asked, you dug your nails into my back, pulling me into you even closer, you bit my neck, and said, “Let’s see what you’ve got big boy”, immediately causing us both to break out in laughter. As you fell back on the bed, still giggling, I turned and walked into the closet. It didn’t take me long to gather up the clothes I had in mind. I’d been thinking about dressing for this dinner for quite some time.

I returned to the foot of the bed to find you lying propped up on the pillows, legs spread into a delicious V, your tiny, delicate hand making small, slow circles over and around the growing damp spot on your white silk panties. It was fairly clear to me that you were having a few thoughts of your own about what was going to be on the menu for dinner that evening. You know what they say about great minds. I had a crisp white oxford shirt draped across my arm, and two silk ties in the other hand. “Which of these ties do you like best with this shirt? The burgundy or the black?” I asked.

To which you replied in your best vampish little voice, “The burgundy is just so you I think”

“Okay then, what if we add these to the wardrobe?” I asked as I pulled a pair of white, sheer silky panties from the pocket of the shirt, holding them up with two fingers for your inspection.

“Oh, that changes everything! I definitely think you have to go with the black”, you said with a mischievous gleam in your eyes.

“Hmmmm…. Well what if you couldn’t see which color? Would it still matter?” I asked as I pulled a small black blindfold from the same pocket that the panties had been in.

The long low ohhhhhh that escaped from your lips was all the answer I was going to get from you and as I knelt down there between those gorgeous legs of yours and felt you spread them apart even further for me. I couldn’t help but to show display of a slight groan of pleasure myself. I bent forward slightly, letting my cock press against the wet spot on your panties, and reached up to loop the ties around your right wrist, and then your left. Not tightly enough to bind, just lose enough that you could easily slip them off if you really wanted to use your hands later on. Hooking each slick silk tie in turn over one of the bedposts, I rose up a bit just to take in the beautiful sight of you spread-eagled there before me.

“Raise your hips up a bit for me, love. I want to get those wet panties off of you, and slip the ones I’ve chosen on and I want you to watch while I do this.” I murmured, with a husky tint to my voice that betrayed my excitement.

You immediately complied with my request, arching your now slick mound up off the bed. I hooked my fingers at each side of the now soaked panties and ever so slowly drew them down your thighs and over your legs. Savoring the moment, and breathing in deeply the aromatic scent, I leaned down and let just the tip of my tongue flick the little slick bud of your clit, which was peeking out from your wet lips. You jumped as if my tongue had jolted you with electricity, and strained against the ties holding you in place as you pushed further up off the bed towards my tongue. I closed my eyes for a moment and let my sense of smell overwhelm my other senses, just for a moment, and then bent down to pull the flimsy white triangle of cloth that I’d chosen for the night up over one long dancers leg, and then the other. No need this time to ask you to raise your ass, as it was already arched up, begging my tongue to touch your clit again. I pulled the panties up over your hips firm enough that I could see the cleft of your now dripping pussy and the swollen lips surrounding it clearly through the almost invisible fabric.

“And now my love, the finishing touch. The accessory that will make you simply the best dressed meal I’ve ever eaten.” I whispered in your ear as I slipped the blindfold gently over your eyes.

“Are you ready for dinner?” I asked with more than a hint of lust in my voice.

“Oh God yessssssss” was the only thing you could say as your hips pushed into the bed.

“Mmmmmmm…. So am I” I replied. “But first I want to stand back for just a second and admire the feast I’ve set out if you don’t mind.”

“You bastard” was the only thing you were able to say as I stood there at the end of the bed drinking deeply of you with my eyes. “You’ll pay for this.” To which I replied laughingly, “I’m counting on it.”

As I lowered myself onto my knees there at the end of the bed, I grasped your ankles, holding your already spread legs apart, and with a slight nod of my head said slowly “Ladies and gentleman, dinner is served”

I’m absolutely positive you thought you knew what was coming next, but the sounds that you made as Jasmine’s soft, long blonde hair floated down over your thighs and pussy as she took your clit ring into her mouth will be something I will remember forever… and hopefully you will too.

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