My Girlfriend  

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4/23/2006 10:37 am

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My Girlfriend

After a night out on the town, we were both a little tipsy from the bottle of champagne and exhausted from dancing. You looked so good. Short skirt, showing your firm legs and your sexy feet in heels, almost made me want to ravage you there. The tight fitting shirt that showed all the right curves, from your bust all the way down to your tight stomach, oh my. All night long we teased each other. The best thing of it all is you're mine. I'm taking you home and giving you the pleasure you so deserve. Not anyone else. Just me.

I walk over to you and wrap my arms around you from behind. I feel you shudder as my hands roam your body, feeling every curve and quiver you release. I tell you that I have a story for you. "Once upon a time, there was a frog..." and I leaned close to your ear, reached around and gently tweaked your nipple and finished, "And all the frog ever wanted was to be kissed by a beautiful princess..." and I kiss you gently on your ear lobe. You moaned deep and pressed your body against mine. You turn around and kiss me deeply, feeling and squeezing my tight ass. I want you so bad. I take off your shirt, exposing those beautiful breasts. I begin to kiss you from your luscious mouth, down to your breasts, licking a nipple on the way down to your firm stomach, down to the top of your skirt. I slowly pull down your skirt and immediately I can smell your pussy. I want to taste you so bad.

Sliding those hot steamy undies slowly down your thighs, you bend over and wiggle your butt with excitement. My tongue slides down just behind leaving a wet moist trail to your ankle. As you step out of your undies I fling them across the room and slowly press my tongue back down on your other ankle, licking slowly upwards as drops from your wet pussy lands on my face. Eyes fixed on it as my mouth moves closer. Reaching around to fondle your tight ass, you lean back and fall onto the bed.

Legs spread so wide open.

You push your pussy up high as your lips fill and expand while my tongue moves over the top getting ready to explore. Both hands stroke and press your legs down on the satin sheets. You look so sexy and inviting as the candles glitter upon your hot body. Lowering my tongue on your pussy, I start licking slowly around your outer lips, now a little faster as my hands move up and down your inner thighs softly like a feather. My tongue spreads your hot wet pussy lips, so long and wide, spreads them so nice.

I glide my tongue up to your clit pressing down and sliding it away, then up again, wow you are so hot and wet now. One hand moves to your clit, nice and wet as I caress your clit slowly. Looks so yummy and glitters with wetness. I push it out onto my tongue and begin to nibble on it then start to suck and pull it out some more into my mouth. You begin to moan so nice and deep as your hips move up and down while continuing to suck and pull harder. An hour goes by as your juices continue to flow out onto my chin and onto the sheets. You've had many orgasms by now and from the way you're pulling on my hair and talking real dirty to me, I know you want more.
I release your clit but let my finger tip keep it busy rubbing the bud back and forth. In a circular motion my tongue begins to push down deep into your hot pussy.

Deeper and deeper I go and you begin to pant harder. So nice as I press it all the way in then pull out and slide back in deep. In and out it goes as you swing your head back and forth and moan louder. I love teasing you, baby. I love to hear you say that you want me. Such a turn on. At this time one finger slides in and starts to rotate around, slow at first, now a little faster deep inside your pussy. I pump your pussy good, so good the honey is pouring out in waves. I ask if you want another finger and I feel your pussy tighten up as you nod your head. You feel so wet and tight as one more finger slides in and together they move around nice and fast. Now pulling them out and trusting them back in over and over, you buck and beg me not to stop. More of your hot juices flow out all over the satin sheets as my tongue licks every drop up.

I just love how you taste.

I take my fingers and lick one off. I share the other with you and you eagerly suck my finger dry. Two fingers still stroking your pussy nice and fast while the other still rubbing your clit. I pull my fingers out and press my chin down on your wet pussy. Spreading your lips as I rub it up and down, it tickles you so nice. Moving away, I blow warm air all over your pussy, and then lick up the juices that have flowed onto your inner thighs. I ask you to stroke your pussy nice for me as I go on. You place your fingers on your clit and slowly rub the bud that's on fire. Oh yes, baby. Finger yourself for me. I can hear the swishing as you pump hard and fast. I rise up on my knees showing you how much my desire has grown for you. I grab the strap on and put it on. You smile wide and I greet your smile with my soaked lips, sharing your juices with you. You grab my head and force a long wet French kiss on me as I reach down and play with your sweet honey box. You moan and pant so good, baby. I just want to fuck you right here and now.

Placing it down on your pussy, I start rubbing it up and down, pressing against the dripping opening of your sweet pussy, teasing you. My hands reach up to fondle your breasts and start to pinch your nipples. Cock nice and wet now, covered in your hot, sticky juices. I begin to lower my mouth over one nipple and lick all around it, sucking and pulling your breast upward and releasing. Sucking some more, harder and faster as my cock still teases your lips. As I press down, your pussy feels so good. I can feel your box grab me and tighten. Pulling my ass back up and line my cock just right as the head rubs and spreads your lips getting ready to thrust you good and deep. My lips move to your mouth and start kissing you deep with my tongue. Both hands rubbing and pinching your hard firm nipples nice and fast as my tongue wraps around yours and strokes it up and down.

Now slowly sliding my cock deep inside your pussy... wow so hot and tight you are, pushing deeper and deeper. Start to wiggle my ass in a circle slowly now faster and begin to pull up and thrust back in. Each time it's a little faster and faster. Thrust back thrust back thrust back thrust back thrust back thrust back thrust. Wow feels so good as I bounce you good off the satin covered bed ramming my cock nice and deep and hard into your pussy. My tongue is still deep in your mouth. I love kissing you. Slow my strokes down and pull out my cock just enough to where the head is still in, teasing your opening and ramming back in.

I begin to slide my cock back in and out and at the same time raising your legs onto my shoulders. Letting your pussy clamp down good on my cock. My cock fills your pussy so good; you never want me to pull out. Minutes fly by. I never want to stop. But I want to feel you from behind, watch that tight ass as I pump you good. I pull out and push you over and down on your stomach. I reach under to squeeze your breasts as you stick your ass in the air, inviting me back in. I thrust your pussy with one swift thrust. Love your pussy when it's so wet and tight. I start thrusting you faster again in and out. Your ass feels so good against me as I bounce you up and down. You begin to squeeze your pussy muscles and your next orgasm is well on its way. I love the way you look from this angle. You have the perfect ass.

Sliding my hands off your breasts, down your sides and stroking up and down your back. Then down on your ass, rubbing and squeezing it good in different places, with my cock still deep inside. Getting ready to ram you good again. Your breathing and movements tell me you're cumming. Enjoy it love, I'm having lots of fun. Holding your hips nice and firm as my cock starts thrusting your pussy faster and faster in and out. Moaning to me, faster and harder, slamming my cock so deep and hard inside you. My knees slide up on the satin and pull you back down. Feels so good on your wet pussy as more juices start flying out onto my thighs. It feels so warm. Would you like me to finger your ass, sweetheart? I see you nod your head and moan deeply.

Pulling out, I hold you there as I lick your ass, getting it nice and wet for my finger. I don't want to hurt you. I love taking my time. Dipping my finger in slowly, sliding it in your hot ass, wow so hot and tight. Stroking your ass a little faster, matching your breathing in perfect rhythm. Feels so great. Rubbing one hand in between your ass as the other reaches around now to rub your clit good as I thrust inside not wanting to stop yet. Mmmmmm love your pussy. Want to keep my cock deep inside you all night. I begin to bounce my knees up and down on the bed jerking your pussy good. You love it. Fingers out of your ass and reach back up to your tits and nipples. Ummmmm, I love how firm they feel.

After your screaming orgasm, you want to be on top. I agree and roll over onto the bed. You bend down and start eating me, licking my clit in every way possible. I start to tremble and shake and you love that. Playing with my hot pussy, you slide a finger all the way and begin to pump me hard and fast. I'm so close to cumming by now. After fucking you for hours, I'm so ready. You crawl on top of me and slowly slide down. With your finger rubbing my clit, you ride me slow and easy. Just love the way they bounce and look. Pussy feels so good around my cock.

So much of your juices are flowing all over my stomach. Look so hot and sexy as hot cum runs out of you and onto my stomach. You love my cock so much now and don't want to stop. Bouncing harder and faster down on it. So hot and tight, baby. As you ride me harder and faster, your next orgasm rocks your entire body. Shaking and tingling, you dismount and roll back over on the bed. I reach over and start playing with your pussy. I just can't keep my fingers out of your tight, wet box, baby. I love the way it feels and I especially enjoy the sweet taste of it. Taking off the strap on, you go into the bathroom and clean it. You come back into the bedroom with it on. With me on my back you place one leg on your shoulder, then the other.
Reaching for the headboard with both hands, you tie me up. You are ready for some deep hard fast thrusting baby. You enter me and sink in deep. I beg you to fuck me, fast and hard, never stopping. You pound my pussy faster, your moans blending in with mine, loudly with more cum oozing out of my hot pussy. Moaning to go faster and faster.

Sweat keeps dropping all over my breasts as your tongue reaches out and licks at my nipple. Not sure how much longer I can hold back, your pussy juices so hot and wet…. mmmmmm love your pussy so much… never want you to stop. Wow…. Feels so good… Love it. OH GOD I love the feeling. As you lower my legs off of your shoulders, I wrap them around your waist. Pulling me nice and close keeping your cock so deep inside, you pump me like I want it. We begin to french kiss nice and deep, still giving me quick short thrusts. I cum what seems like buckets and shake softly on the bed.

As I release my legs, you slowly slide your cock out and raise it up between my tits and squeeze them together on it. I raise my head and slide my tongue out to taste my sweet honey then push your ass in some more so my mouth can drink more hot cum down my throat, wow…
Hugging and caressing you all over as hours of love making calls for a break. We slowly drift off to sleep but continue in our dreams then the shower when we wake up.

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