Goodbye To Romance  

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4/23/2006 10:38 am

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Goodbye To Romance

I had on this short black skirt, the kind that hugs the thighs snuggly.... And this black bra and white blouse open down to the belly where it was tied in a knot.... For the 5 hours that we were there, the whole time you couldn’t keep your eyes off of me. I enjoyed teasing you, bending over in the bar just enough so that you could see my swollen pussy through my lace black panties. After a few drinks and shots, and teasing, we headed out the door.

We walked out of the lobby door and outside. Pushing me up against the wall of the building, you leaned over and said, “How about I slide my hand up the back of your skirt, just enough to cup the crease of your ass??? And with my other hand, do this…” You glided me up against the wall and with your legs, parted mine slightly. You moved in between and slid your hand all the way up my inner thigh. Your lips felt so hot and burning as they came within inches of my lips. I felt the tip of your finger slide along the slit of my pussy and my body shuddered and quaked.

Feeling that, you moved in closer and gently began to rub my swollen clit. My small moans of pleasure excited you more, the rising of my breasts made your dick jump in your pants. You stopped and said, “How about me bending you over, you planting your hands on the hood of a car and then me moving your wet panties aside as I start flicking my tongue up and down your slit and then dart in and out of you from behind?” All I could tell you was, “Oh yes….”

“Good. But I’m going to tease you first…..” you said with a sly smile.

Looking around the dark street, you moved me to a car parked around the corner, near the alley. Sitting me on the hood, you parted my legs and pulled me in close to you. You kissed me and nibbled your way down to my breasts. Pulling my bra aside, you found an erect nipple and started to suck on it. All I could do was place my hands on your head, holding you there, not wanting you to stop. I could hear your thoughts racing around in your mind… “Now you have me wondering just how hot you'd feel, wrapped tightly around my fingers as I licked over your wet slit and swollen clit…”

I looked down as you opened my legs wider and pulled my panties to the side. The cool summer breeze felt crisp against my wetness and made me jump to my own sensitivity. With a finger just barely rubbing my slit, not quite entering me.... but almost, you teased my dripping hole until I couldn’t take it anymore. My legs were shaking so bad that I was afraid of falling off of the hood. Knowing what I was going to do, you planted a heated kiss on me, forcing your tongue deep into my mouth. You know as soon as you do that, I just melt in your arms. Not this time, tho… My hands went from your face and found their way down to your hands, and after your failed attempts to block mine, I tried to push your fingers inside of me.

“Oh, really, love?? Is that what you want???” you said as you continued to tease my wet pussy. Your finger’s still not inside me, still making me squirm and beg for more. I heard you whisper in a husky voice. “You like having a finger in you almost, if not more, than a nice hard cock???” you cooed as your fingers played with my hood ring.

“Yes....... Fingers and tongues….” I whispered back. “Depends on my mood..... Sometimes I want a woman sitting on my face as I rub one out…. Sometimes I want a man to lick and suck my clit until I can’t cum anymore and sometimes I want him to play with my pussy all day, maybe even during a football game… Nothing more… Just play with me…..” I cooed.

“Really now???” you asked with a gleam in your eye.

“Yes, really” I said with a smile.

“Well, doll…. I do not have a problem using my tongue and fingers on a lady if it pleases her. And I’m sure we can find a pretty woman who would be glad to sit on that talented tongue of yours… And I’d finger your sweet box during any football game…”

“That's so good to know......” and in one sudden thrust, your finger was all the way inside of me, hot, sticky cum running out and over your hand. I felt you thrust up and wiggle it, causing me to cum more and more. I grabbed onto your shoulders and held myself there as the first of many waves raced throughout my body. You pumped me a few times, talking nasty to me the whole time, knowing that just makes me get hotter and wetter. As I begin to tense up, you stopped and licked your finger off. I watched as you savored every drop, eyeing the sweet cum running down my thighs.

Pulling me off of the hood, you turn me around and bend me over. Pulling my panties down and off, you parted my thighs wide. Getting down on your knees, you licked my pussy from behind. With one hand you held onto my leg, keeping me in place, slightly rocking me back and forth, and with the other, your thumb played and teased at my clit. I couldn’t help but to rock back against your face, feeling your tongue slide harder up and down on my pussy, not going anywhere else but there. I could feel my clit become harder and more sensitive, meaning I was going to explode.

I felt you rise and slide up my back. As your fingers slid back into my hot pussy, I heard you whisper, “Come on, baby….. I feel you getting tighter, but I’m not going to fuck you until you come. Do you hear me?”

“Yes…” I gasped.

“Did you really hear me? Come for me…… That’s it… Come for me….. Come for me, baby…..” you begged as your fingers pumped harder and faster.

“Oh yes, baby… I’m going…. To come…. Going to come…. Right now...… Now!!!!…” I moaned. All I could imagine in my mind was getting fucked. Hard and right now!

“That’s it, baby…. Come all over me… Oh yeah…” you said.

And I did. You bent back down to catch your just rewards. You rose back up, undid your jeans, grabbed onto my hips and in one solid thrust, you entered me from behind. The gasp I let out could be heard throughout all of downtown. The feeling of having you fill me was shattering and my body quivered and shook. You pumped me from behind, grabbing my hair and pulling on it, making me moan and beg for more. Every time I tightened up, I heard your small moans and felt you pump harder.

I knew you were close, your pants and whimpers of extacy slowing down, as were your thrusts into my hot box. The grip on my hips held steadfast as you jumped back and shot your hot load all over my ass. Both panting and out of breath, we giggled and pulled ourselves together.

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