The Pool  

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8/11/2005 2:59 am

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The Pool

The warmth of the day drove her outside. The pool shimmering in the sunlight looked so inviting. The beads of sweat rolled down between her firm breasts as she stripped her clothing off. The slight breeze brushing against her flushed skin cooling her slightly.

She looked at the pool and her mind rolled back to a time when he was with her. Diving into the cool water her body moved through the water with grace. Her eyes closed, she allowed her mind to wander. In her mind she could see him, sitting on the edge of the pool just like he used to. Watching her naked body glide through the water, knowing the effect she had on him she would allow her hands to slide across her naked flesh…her hard nipples obvious. His reaction was as known to her as her own to him. Moving to the edge of the pool, her hands would slide up his legs…pushing herself out of the water, her lips touched his. The first touch explosive, she would press her cool body against his hot one.

Again her mind wandered as she moved over to the spa seat. The air and water rushing through the jets was just what she needed. The pressure against her flesh exquisite. Closing her eyes again seeing them embraced on the side of the pool, he would put his hands under her arms and lift her to the side of the pool. Sliding into the water he would push her legs up until her feet were resting on the edge. Running his hands up her calves, her skin soft, he would continue his onslaught. With slight pressure on the inside of her knees her would spread her legs. Opening herself up to him she would look down at his hungry eyes. His passion for her was always so obvious in his eyes. His kisses would start at the inside of her ankles…moving slowly up the inside of first one leg and then the other. He would reach her knees and then begin to run his hands where his lips had just been, her breathing would get shallow as his lips moved ever closer to the center of her pleasure.

As the pressure of the water against her clitoris would build the visions in her mind would become more and more sensual. Their passion used to be so intense, never getting enough of each other. How it all ended she could not say, and she still sighed heavily every time she did this. She needed to remember him, feeling that she would never have another lover like him, moving her hips the waters pressure would be like a lovers hand moving up and down against her. Totally lost in the feelings she would again remember their time together.

His lips finally reached her core. Her whole body quivered as his finger would separate the lips and his tongue would slide against her. Flicking back and forth in a fast steady rhythm, her head would fall back as the pressure built. Sliding a finger into her hot core he would move it slowly at first…then faster and faster as he could sense her absolute surrender to his lovemaking. As her screams of release hit the air he would nibble her clitoris, her orgasm seemed to last for eternity. Finally she would come down out of the clouds, and slide into his arms. She could feel his hardness pressing into her stomach; she would take him in her hand and squeeze gently.

She could feel the water bringing her to orgasm…as it hit her she slid her face under the water and let out her scream. Not able to let the pleasure go she continued to move against the water jet. The feeling of fullness that the water gave her was incredible. It felt like he was in her right now, pushing hard against her. Filling her up, just like he did. She could not stop, her hand moved down…sliding fingers against her clitoris as the water rushed into her body.

Pushing him against the side of the pool he would move out to sit on the edge, she would move into the gap between his legs. Kissing him softly from knee to hip, her lips sliding and biting their way along his legs. Finally she would take his hardness into her mouth. Sliding down softly, her wet lips and tongue pressing against him, the pressure making his body shake. She knew she had him in her power. He was hopelessly lost in her. Pushing her hair to one side she would let him watch her lips as they moved slowly up and down along him. He would pant, and his hand would press down on her shoulder. Knowing that he was close to orgasm she would stop what she was doing, smiling up at him she would move away and with one quick movement she would be laying across the side of the pool. Her legs dangling in the water, her feet resting on the lip around the edge. Just the right height for her, he would come up behind her, his hand would rub against the cheeks of her backside his hand moving down to slide two fingers into her hot, wet core. He would thrust into her in one swift movement. Her stomach would slap against the side of the pool as his thrusting would get harder and faster. Pushing herself backwards she would feel his arms go around her, holding her as her legs wound around the back of his. With him totally inside her she would move slowly up and down in his arms.

Her breathing was haggard, her pulse racing, she heard a noise. It was something she hadn’t heard in a while and with her eyes shut she knew she was imagining it. But wait; there it was again, there was someone else in the water with her. She could hear breathing, harsh breathing, and then there was a hand on her leg. Opening her eyes she thought that she was surely dreaming, there he was, his hands pulled her legs quickly, spreading them he thrust into her in one quick movement. She sat up into him and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately, pinching herself. No she wasn’t dreaming. He was back, not wanting to know why she let herself go with the moment. Her orgasm hit her hard and fast, it had been too long for them. Six months without him was a nightmare, she knew that questions would be asked but for now she could feel the pleasure building again. His lips and teeth moved across her breasts, biting and teasing them into fullness. His thrusts became slower and deeper, she knew that he would not last for much longer, and knowing that they would have more time later she moved on him…making him move faster…she leaned back and using the edge of the pool to hold her she laid her arms along it with her head resting on the edge…his hands could now explore her stomach and breasts…she wrapped her legs around him and pushing with her heels she pulled him into her, the depth something she had forgotten. He was the only one who had ever filled her completely, and with a hunger she had never known she pulled him harder and harder into her. He took over, thrusting deeply and hard, grabbing her hips to pull her into him he screamed out his release. As wave and wave of pleasure rolled over his body he continued to thrust into her body. He could feel her squeezing him as she experienced the most amazing orgasm of her life. With breath labored he pulled her up into his arms. Not allowing their bodies to let go of each other…he carried her to the seat and sat down, still inside her he pulled her head against his shoulder. Her tears of both joy and pain ran down his shoulder. He was home and she was never going to let him go again.

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