The Harley Ride  

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6/2/2006 1:10 pm

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The Harley Ride

We had decided to go for a ride up in the mountains, but our plans changed just a little. As I was getting ready, he came online and said that he made it home and he needed to clean up and would leave in a little bit. My heart skipped a beat and I smiled as he left his cam on and he streaked his way up the stairs.


Actually, I enjoyed that very much. I have viewed his cam every time we have talked and I couldn’t hold back the thoughts of having that body close to me. I really liked this man from the word "Go". He had a great personality, was kind, and charming, very handsome and from what I saw on his cam, a great body. We quickly clicked and it went from there. The anticipation was turning me on so bad that I couldn’t think straight. I remembered his hot kisses and the sudden closeness we shared from our last ride. The kisses felt like fire shooting through my body, my nipples became sensitive and erect and all I could do was quiver and come. Being on the bike was like foreplay on 2 wheels. Make me come as many times as you can before I beg you to fuck me. Hell, I beat a record of 25 even. I wanted what comes after the foreplay...

I wanted him.

He pulled into the driveway and all I could do was smile. He smiled back and my body began to tingle. I felt a slight trickle in my panties and had to suck in my breath. I walked out to meet him and he smiled and kissed me. After some chitchat, we left. I hopped on the bike and held on. I took great pleasure in wrapping my arms around him. He had me so turned on…. A sly smile crossed my face as I thought about how good he felt between my legs. He started it up and that’s all it took for me. I came again.

We went out to the Mall and shopped for a new swimsuit. We went to every shop, trying on different suits and I was getting hotter and more turned on each minute. While I was changing into the suit, he peeked his head in the door. I had this sudden thought of him coming in, sitting me down and spreading my legs, and dropping to his knees he would start kissing me while his fingers slid in and out of my pussy and all I could do was invite him in more by opening my legs... Snapping out of it, I got dressed so we could go to lunch.

After a quick lunch and a visit with some friends, we headed back to his place. No sooner than I sat down on the couch, he was all over me. We had waited for this long enough. He kissed me and I kissed him back. I came again. His fingers found the buttons on my jeans and his hand was down my panties, his finger rubbing my swollen clit. His hands massaged my breasts as his tongue licked up every drop. I felt his finger slide deep inside of me. I could hardly contain myself. My body tingled and my teeth chattered and I knew I was going to come.

He lightly whispered to me, "Breathe, baby..."

Hearing that, I came again and melted when I felt his hot tongue licking my clit. His hot kisses all over my body, his fingers sliding in and out of me. I couldn’t hold back anymore and gave myself to him.

Placing my ass on the armrest of the couch, he dropped to his knees and licked my pussy. I couldn’t tell you how many times I came, but I knew now that I couldn’t stop. The slow pumps of his finger, the naughty things he told me while sucking my breasts… I wanted him so bad. He stood up and grabbed his cock and asked me if I could handle it. Oh yeah... As he parted my legs and entered me, a flood of sensations came over my body and I came again. My whole body quivered and my teeth chattered from the wave of ecstasy that ran clear through my body. I came and came again, not wanting him to stop.

But he did...

Just long enough to pull me up, turn me around and bend me over the couch. He told me that he didn’t even have it in all the way the first time and I almost fell from shock. As I felt him come up behind me, I waited shaking and anxiously to feel him enter me again. He drove me crazy by playing with my pussy, teasing me, making me wet, making me want him more... And then he entered me, full force... I almost passed out.

"Breathe, baby..."

My legs were shaking so bad and my breathing became almost impossible. In one full thrust, he was inside me and I came again. He pumped me as he held onto my hips and all I could do was just come and come again... It seemed that there was no end to it and I was secretly hoping there wasn't.

After I got some of my composure back, he walked me under the cooler where the air was cool enough to make my nipples hard. He put me on the bed, spread my legs and entered me again. He felt so hard, throbbing, and he hit my spot every single time he filled me to the hilt... Once again, I couldn’t hold back and came.

We must have done every position that night possible. I have never had a man like him in bed before. One who made me have multiple after multiple after multiple. No matter if I was on top, bottom, or on my side, he pleased me in more ways than one. His size was perfect, his manner was awesome.

And he left me wanting more... And more... And more....

I can’t wait until I next Harley ride, no matter if it’s to the mountains or to the Mall. You can bet there will be another story.

shifter58 72M  
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8/30/2006 8:33 pm

Wow, girl, want to come and ride my harley????
Kisses and licks,

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