the condom lecture...  

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the condom lecture...

the condom lecture...

First of all they come in boxes of 3, 12, and 12 + bonus 3 (maybe others). Guys are very sensitive about the count so that is something you must hide. I will give you an example: when DW (then GF)and I first got naked together she brought out a box of 12 but there were only 7 in the box so always in the back of my mind was "who got to use the other 5 ??". Well last year I found out that back in 1986 it was Mr. X (long story). So guys don't really want to know your history or wonder about things. Watch the scene in PRETTY WOMAN where Julia Roberts offers Richard Gere a selection of condoms. She is a hooker so doesn't have 3's of each. But she offers a selection for him to choose. YOU aren't, so have 3's.

What I'm getting at is that is what you want to do to ensure he uses one, and you offer a selection to minimize complaints and objections. Doing it without is not an option for you. Three of each of several kinds and sizes. You put the onus on him to pick what's ok with him, this is all assuming that he isn't carrying his own choice.

I hated condoms for years and believe that was the major detractor twixt PR and I, my negative feelings towards them, whereas if I had just put on a comfortable one then the relationship wud have gone smoother and gone on longer because it would have been more-satisfactory to her to be penetrated safely and often. Instead of viewing it as an interruption (another error I made with PR) you have to just treat it as another part of foreplay or mounting, no other option possible.

Too many years later I learned that my discomfort was trying to use too small a size. I'm not bragging, its just a fact of life. They come in all sizes. I'm not sure there is a real standard for sizes, I mean doesn't every guy want to think he needs a "large" or "extra-large"?? Who wants to admit to being just a "regular" if there is anything labelled that size. Or a "small". Its not like measuring for a bra. My background research was limited but from experience .....

- for "large" there is TRoJAN in the green box (slightly lubed) which fits snug like a glove but is not too tight

- and now I've found TRoJAN magnums in the black box with magnum printed in gold, which are a roomy fit in the end 2/3rds but with a regular-sized opening for the base 1/3rd (the tightness in this part that ensures no leakage and no slip-off).

I've never had one break or slip off. Lube'd ones are less-likely to tear.

For other sizes you're on your own. If you were uncomfortable in the past I suggest you engage in a game with your partner even if just for anal but I do suggest you experiment on him rather than end up having to do trial-and-error with some guy who is maybe a virtual stranger.

There is the lube issue too. You might think from now you'll never need it but with a new partner you might be aroused but not lubricating because maybe in the first encounter you won't necessarily feel safe, cared for, or even aroused but you will have put yourself in a situation where "putting it in" is expected. Sometimes too much, sometimes too little. Sometimes none required.

I suggest your fuckkit contain AstroGlide or AstroLube which are water-based and unlikely to have aftereffects as they just "wash" away with your natural secretion flow downward. Or a small tube of K-Y Jelly as sold for descrete carrying for tampon insertion (BTW, K-Y warming was nothing special). The silicone ones and the petroleum-based ones like vaseline are no-no's for sure.


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11/4/2005 7:05 am

What are condoms?????.....LOL

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