Sticking it in...  

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10/13/2005 6:42 am

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Sticking it in...

This morning a female friend of mine whose BF also suffers from ED (erectile dysfunction) (as I do) was complaining to me that even when he does get an erection he often doesn't try to achieve penetration.
I suggested that as far as the not attempting penetration goes, she might try something. Coincidentally I was daydreaming about blogging this yesterday.
There is a sensation that makes a guy (involuntarily) want to thrust forward, want to penetrate. His partner can trigger this thrust urge. It occurs when you retract his foreskin...that is, you pull the foreskin back towards his belly. Oh, did you say he's circumsized ? No matter, there is still a foreskin, its just not so noticeable. Just as a side comment, grasping his shaft and pulling it towards you can make a lot of guys go soft. Always better to take it between thumb & finger, pull the foreskin back a bit, and just guide him as he thrusts forward. As we get older we need more help to find the opening.

And our ego is so very tied up to our ability to get it up, stick it in, and get her off when we f*ck.

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