Repairing an interior wall...  

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10/22/2005 6:16 pm

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Repairing an interior wall...

I don't know what I want of people today and I'm not being very nice. I'm feeling very irritable and jittery.

For an amateur, I'm pretty good at doing home maintenance, redecorating, and renovating. Years ago the roof leaked at my mother-in-law's place. The water seeped down into an outside wall of the livingroom and the paint peeled off. They had the room repainted sometime after the roof was replaced, and eventually the wall peeled again.

Earlier this week I asked BIL (brother-in-law...single & still living at home with his mother) to move a table from under the affected area of wall, bring in the stepladder, and put a drywall dust filter into his shop vacuum. He sloughed all this off onto his sister (my SIL, who also still lives at home with her mother).

I arrived there this morning to start the repair. He got up 90 minutes after he promised so by then I had found the stepladder (now soaking wet outside in the rain), packed up all the stuff off the end table & moved it, then I covered the couch with plastic (drywall repair being very dusty work). Found the shop vac but it was full of fireplace ashes.

Fortunately some latex gloves, left over from a doctor/patient fantasy tryst, were still in my car so I changed the bag & filter right in the middle of the livingroom floor (can't do it outdoors in rain...a single drop of water will compromise the integrity of the filter). Originally I had asked him to wash & dry the interior, and fit the 3 filters. SIL only bought one and didn't show up with that until after 9 so I had to go out to the store and buy the other 2 filters that were missing.

My point is that I gave up my Saturday, and there will be more followup work too, taking more of my time. I simply expected them to invest some of their effort into this project. I wanted to start the job at 9am. If I hadn't volunteered to do it, they'd have to hire a professional and they don't even want any strangers in the house because then they'd have to clean up for him. And they'd be embarrassed by the smell of the cat pee, etc etc how dirty & junky the place is. My SIL spends more time on Ebay & taking the nieces shopping than she does anything useful. BIL has a very-demanding GF who occupies his time so that he does nothing where he lives. The ethnic curse of being the only son...nothing is expected of you.

I'm in a better mood now. I am back home...2:18pm...after a 5-hour session of removing bad plaster, buying more supplies, applying patches and drywall compound, then cleaning up the mess on the floor.

Its a bigger job than I thought...I patched less than a year ago thinking I'd paint, then the inner surface of the wall came up wet again. Well, it seems the eavestrough replacement likely fixed the problem.

I drilled several test holes in the wall & stuck my finger in to check for wet insulation. Its ok, so I decided to patch & paint. If it peels again, then they can call a professional. Removing the plaster & plasterboard on 2 outside walls, insulating the walls, then putting up drywall + all the other steps.

In places I had to put drywall screws into the 1940s plasterboard to give the patching compound something to cling to. One hole was so big that I went & bought a $7 patch kit that puts a metal mesh over the hole. Four kits would have made the job easier.

There was also a spot over the front door...when I scrapped the loose paint away there was no evidence of plaster damage so I just put a skim coat of drywall compound over it to level the edges, will sand when dry. Then prime & paint. They had a new (steel) front door installed awhile ago. I'm going to caulk the trim, then paint the frame & door.

3:25,,,going for a nap. Physically & mentally exhausted.

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