I must tell you a cute story...  

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10/12/2005 11:07 am

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I must tell you a cute story...

One night last week I took my nephew down to the boat ponds, the ones that the City provides for modellers to run their model sailboats and ships. They are surrounded by berms as barriers from the parking lots to make the setting more natural. The berms have trees & bushes. The ponds are in a public park next to the Lake. Access to waterfront is a hot news item here, there are too many shoreline condos being built, and they are beginning to block the access to Lake for the "commoners".

Well, it was getting almost dark & I needed to pee, so I headed to the public washrooms only to find the building locked. I decided to "go in the bushes" so while my nephew was controlling the boat remotely (by radio) from the shoreline, I walked into the trees & bushes. I'm quiet by nature, and wended my way out of sight. I was about to turn a corner in the path when I heard a noise, so stopped dead in my tracks & listened.

Moaning & grunting. I crouched and peered thru the bushes..................to see a couple having intercourse. Now this was quite a sight. This was not a matter of her skirt up and him on top of her slow-grinding which I have encountered before. They were totally naked on a blanket. And huge people. I know "huge", my niece is 320lb, they were larger. Very white in the near-darkness. She was riding him. Their feet were toward me, heads uphill, so I could see this huge fat c*ck going in and out of her.

Toronto has a nude beach on the island. I've never been there. Rumour has it that its a very "sexy" place in the adjacent bushes. The first year it was pretty much gay but now its mixed and a buddy & his GF go there all the time to play bocce (the pair that live on their boat).

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