Travelers nightmare  

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7/13/2005 3:41 pm

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Travelers nightmare

Ok, here is a story that is true and recent.
There was a gentlemen that does travel a lot. On one of his travels he ends up in a situation where he must stay the week end in a hotel. So far so good right?
Well this person gets into a "name brand" hotel and sets up. Cloths, laptop, bathroom items and such.
He leaves for some interesting entertainment for the night and comes back to his room the next afternoon.
To his suprise there is a note on the sink that reads,"Dear sir, We regret the that we had to dicard your toiletries and must insist that you purchase personal care products from the provided booth in the lobby. Prices are competitive and market compatible.

So, this person becomes quit upset as the hotel staff has tossed an electric shaver, beard trimmer, electric tooth brush toothpaste, shave cream, and other expected expendables. Needless to say, total of about $250 worth of products.
In the booth it is a horror. Small tube of toothpaste? $9.00. Can of barbasol shave cream? $12.00. You get the point? No electric shave equipment and noreal replacements.

After much complaining and watching the desk clerk getting red in her face the gentleman recieves a corporate coupon book as repayment.

My lesson to any that read?
Dont stay in a Days Inn in

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