Winter Blues to Summer Groans  

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7/27/2006 3:01 pm

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Winter Blues to Summer Groans

It's funny how all winter long both the media and people I know moaned and groaned about how cold, gloomy and long the winter was and how they longed for warmer climates.
It is finally warm and sunny with blue skies that allow for picnics, swimming and endless nights of bbq and al fresco dinning.
However all I hear is how hot it is, how they sweat, how the....blah blah blah.
Goes to show there is no pleasing people.
However I must add that the heat like most of Europe at the moment is breaking records. It is apparently 4 degrees warmer than most summers and wow, it really feels like it.
I lived most of my life in a tropical country where the seasons were limited to rain and sun. Had never seen snow ever and it never gets cold.
So it is rather unique living in a country with four seasons so I embrace the various seasons and their idiosyncrasies.
I haven't been out sunbathing or running around in bikini tops for several reasons - one major reason is that I wouldn't like to scare the natives and I am already too tanned, I'd like to keep my colour.
I am enjoying NOT having to worry about what shoes or jackets to wear, being able to NOT wear a hat and I can sit outside even at night!
Weekend coming up. A picnic on the park, maybe some music and loads of R&R.

Happy blogging and hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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