Last light of the day  

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5/4/2006 10:41 am

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6/16/2006 3:50 pm

Last light of the day

I sit here at my computer, my trusty glass of water almost half empty, chicken defrosting, bulgur soaking in water and my neck strained from the day at the desk.

It is shortly time to trudge over to the kitchen and make a beautiful middle eastern dinner.

I ventured into the realms of healthy eating combined with a little yoga and well it feels good. Strange to others but not all that hard to adopt into my daily routine.

People who pile up on sugars and carbs such as potato, white bread, white flour and rice can't comprehend my decision to turn to brown rice, no sugar, rye and wholewheats.

Well it works for me and it works for them!

I really needed the change in lifestyle anyway.


I was first attracted to AdultFriendFinder almost seven years ago back home. I lived alone and I had and still have a terrible time trying to sleep so I used to stay up.
Well a girl gets lonely and she starts surfing. I found AdultFriendFinder one dark night and well I guess it really hit a spot with me.

I spent hours chatting in the rooms and made some good friends. Once you get passed the "adult classifieds" wall, you see that it is a open minded friendship site. Anything can happen.

The chatters in that room used to meet up as a group for coffee, drinks and even at one point organized a big bbq in another country which I went to. It was really fun. Of course some people got together and there were some casual stuff and some heated moments but there wasn't any orgies or anything.

It was surprisingly decent. After that life caught up with me and I was busy as hell and lost touch with everyone. Eventually I came back to AdultFriendFinder and got a lovely mail from a man who later became my husband.

I ended up here in Sweden and now eventhough the love is gone as they say, life goes on.

Maybe I will meet nice people again? Eller hur?

Rubenesquelady5 45F
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6/16/2006 3:50 pm

Thanks sweetie! I see that you really did read my blog
I have missed our fun conversations! Never on at the same time it seems.

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