Roommates and Insomnia  

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11/18/2005 2:21 am

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Roommates and Insomnia

Unfortunately for me, I have a roommate that is not very considerate of my sleep schedule, or my child's for that matter. You see, she works until three in the morning. When she comes in the door, she is so loud and frequently bangs into things despite the fact that I have left lights on so she can see when she walks in that late.
Also, she seems to be hungry every time she comes home. She bangs around in the pots and pans cupboard, slams cupboard doors shut, and frequently talks to our cat while cooking. All this tends to wake me up, luckily for teen sleeps through it all. Unluckily for me, I find it difficult to fall back to sleep after all that noise.
I hope all of you had a great night's sleep, I am about to go give it another shot.

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