Perplexed ....  

RoyalPurpleRose 52F
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1/6/2006 9:30 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Perplexed ....

Okay .. I'm truly perplexed and confused. Can someone tell me why?? I state in my profile that I will not kiss anyone who smokes. I have no desire to lick a wet ashtray. So why is it that I still am contacted (emailed) by those who smoke.

Do you not actually READ what is put in the profile? I am a real person. And I am far from perfect. I have family and friends that smoke. That really does not bother me (unless the wind blows smoke in my face - I get up and move). But I do not want to have to taste cigarette/cigar from another's mouth. Man or woman.

If that makes me a B*tch to some ... so be it.


TrueTxGtlman 53M

1/7/2006 3:44 pm

I think you are contacted because they read your profile and see your picture and the picture makes them think with the wrong area of their body. Most that are on AdultFriendFinder are looking for something and they need this site to help them and they need AdultFriendFinder's help to find someone that will accept or over look the things that keep them from finding a partner outside of the Internet. For me I am a married man and plan on staying that way. I don't think many in a bar would accept that so I need the assistance of AdultFriendFinder. There have been times when I have talked to single women on here and put some effort to find out that they never really wanted to get involved with a married man in the first place but needed the attention to validate their situation. Some figure that you have to be so desperate to be online that you will accept just about anything and if you match 78 out of a 100 that has to be close enough. I am a lot like you and have a few item that are a must and I am picky enough to make sure that the person I meet will meet all of them. I hope you don't even have to lick an ashtray.

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