For My Friends ....  

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9/6/2006 9:41 am
For My Friends ....

Hello again. I hope everyone in Blogland is doing well. As for me ... well ... some days are just some days. I haven't even checked in here (AdultFriendFinder) for a while. Mostly, I haven't had time. There is so much in my life right now. And just keeping my head above water is taking all my energy.

Sorry to sound so maudlin. I'm not. That part has gotten much better. Thanks Whisper for your offer of support. I do appreciate it. Life is definitely more balanced than it has been for a while.

Through the summer, I have been busy with my kids. Teenagers are a lot of work. Especially a high school senior ... and all the stuff that they have to do for their last year in high school. Cap & gown pictures .. casual pictures ... colleges mailing stuff to them .. trying to make decisions on which college to attend ... already making plans for the Winter formal and Senior Prom ... etc. There is so much more now than when I was in school. And that seems like an eternity ago (and I'm not that old!).

Before school was out last year, a girl in my younger daughter's class threatened to kill her and all her family. The school was notified and did nothing. So we made the decision to move the girls to another school. A decision we should have made a long time ago.

On one of my trips to the school to pick up needed paperwork for the transfer, I was leaving their circle drive, and because of the other cars parked along the curb I couldn't see any oncoming traffic. As I pulled out, an S-10 truck hit my car between the headlight and the left front tire. That was Aug. 7. I re-injured my left shoulder and neck. And my car was totalled. I now have a 2006 GMC Sierra SLT Crewcab in Steel Gray Metallic. Leather interior, 6 disc CD changer, and DVD player.

Of course dealing with the insurance and getting everything done properly was a pain. But it's finally working out. My shoulder and neck are better, but will probably always give me problems.

So the girls are in school. And I'm busy will all the stuff that has occupied my days ... laundry, dishes, dust, etc. I'm also trying to find a job that is part time ... maybe something I can do from home. I still have my father and mother in law that need my help several times a month.

I haven't even thought about blogging in quite a while. Difficult to decide on what to write about. And then I need to find the time. Now that the girls are back in school, I may have time between loads of laundry ... we'll see.

Tires ... thanks. I'm around ... just not on AdultFriendFinder as much anymore. I hope you are doing well. I'll try to catch up on your blog soon. Did you ever finish the story you were doing? I hope to read more of it.

TrueTX ... you are probably right about the mindless information in my previous post. The gov't pays for many meaningless/useless things. Not surprising. Hope you are well.

Normal ... thanks for wondering about me. I'm doing okay.

Remember .....
'no matter what your circumstances are, even though a caterpillar and a butterfly have the same DNA, God sees us as a butterfly, and if we see ourselves as a caterpillar, just look around that corner, and know how absolutely adored, and special you are'
~~Jennifer O'Neill
Kisses, ~RPR

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